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  1. ok so i live in N.E. and as most you know its been HOT (as always this time of year)
    other night i checked temps and i was in the high 80s like 88 most the night(time my lights are on)
    so this is just a thought i been having past few night and was wondering what people here think before i move all kinds of crap around and take the time to do it.

    right now the way i vent/cool is

    ducking>light hood>fan>lighthood>ducking from tent out window

    also filter>fan>ducking out window as well

    been thinking what if i move it so it goes like this:
    filter>duck>fan>duck>light>duck>light>duck>fan>duck out tent/window
    (i know hard to picture)

    any ideas if this would help lower temps? seems if not an A/C is only other way to lower my temps. i dont know if that is an option though or would even help them. been reading alot about stand alone units not being worth it.

    any input is helpful. thx
  2. Well in the N.E we only have a couple to a few months dealing with heat...

    The way you have it right now, the fan is pushing into the second lamp which lowers it's efficiency... With chaining light together you really need 2 fans..

    If you're really having a heat issue, I would use three fans...

    intake -> fan -> duct -> lamp -> fan -> duct -> lamp -> duct -> fan -> exhaust.

    intake -> fan -> duct -> lamp -> duct -> lamp -> duct -> fan ->

    You want to remove the heat before it gets a chance to penetrate the hood and dissipate into the chamber.
    So the 3 inline fans would be best...

    If you have a budget to correct this heat issue, you can always do:
    1/10 HP Active Aqua Chiller and two 6" Ice Box Heat Exchanger
  3. ya the 3 months where its hot is just about over too...

    the 3rd fan is an idea maybe ill look into that as well. the 2 i have now are the htg 6inch so maybe ill also get a stronger one for the filter since thats where the tents air gets vented from as well. maybe this will lower it. last night it was 83 still and it was a cooler night outside to. about a month back or so i was going to get a double duck A/C but man...so not worth it to me....$400ish and draws 1480w!!!! thats more then my grow has lol

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