HEAT problem?

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  1. longtime grower , just trying out a stealth grow. I have a 24-18-28 box currently using 122 watts of cfl. and 1 120mm cpu outtake fan, and 1 small fan on inside. My temps are around 100:mad:. WAT SHOULD I DO? got 1 more cpu fan should it be in take or another outtake? Also got 2 sheets of acrylic would that help?:smoke::gc_rocks:
  2. Use that other fan for exhaust as well. Do you have any passive intake holes? If so do you have Neg. Pressure?
    Just a couple of things to think about.
  3. Ello Steve I have the same issue :(

    I have a 4cm intake at the bottom and a 12cm fan at the top.

    My plan is to remove the 4cm fan at the bottom and then drill an additional 3 x 5cm diameter holes in the floor - Cab dimensions are 60cm W x 70cm H x 30cm D. I too am using a 125W CFL.

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    Will let you know tomorrow what the result is - I checked earlier and with the door ajar it runs at 25C :) = NOT ENOUGH INTAKE :D

    I also have another 12cm fan which I may double up on the exhaust OR as the outake is on the LHS I may use the 4cm to direct airflow on the RHS at the top.

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    more powerfull exhaust. i live in az and had heat issues as well. i figured do it right or don't do it at all, bought a 4'' eco plus inline fan from the hydro shop and attached it with some ducting to my exhaust vent.

    it was actually doing such a good job it was lowering my humidity to 29% and getting to only 2-3 degrees above room temp until i added my DIY carbon filter. now i sit around 8-10 degrees above room temp at 35%

    edit: im currently using a 125w feliz 6500k ^^

    i also drilled a 4&1/8th sized hole in the side and attached a cool mist humidifier. not sure if you have to deal with what I have environment wise though.. depends on what part of tx hehe

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