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  1. I was using Viparspectra 300W (actual 136W LED) by running AC at 78 degrees temperature was 79 degrees during flowering.
    I upgraded to Advanced Platinum P300 LED (actual watts 180).
    Now unless is AC is set at 76 degrees, tent temperature is 81 degrees.
    I am also using 4" 190 CFM fan, with carbon air filter plus 2 oscillating tower fans.
    I have two questions:
    1) Is 81 degrees all right for flowering White Widow?
    2) My current tent is 2'x2'x5' Would a grow tent that is 2'x2.5'x7' provide more air space, and then be cooler?
    All replies greatly appreciated.
  2. I doubt that 2 degrees will make much difference.
    Sometimes increased exhaust air flow can reduce temp if the surrounding temp is cooler than inside.
    5' isn't very tall for a tent, and going to 7' will allow you to grow taller plants.
    Besides the convection removal of heat that the exhaust fan does, conduction of heat thru tent walls reduces temperature too.
    The taller tent will have more surface area for heat to escape thru, so it probably would be a degree or two cooler.
    Unless the temp outside the tent is hotter than inside, then more heat would enter the tent.
  3. You'll be fine mins get to 85 in the summer no problem but don't let it get any higher than 85 max

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  5. Thanks appreciate your advice
  6. Thanks for the reply
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    Should be fine.
    Funny, I am running a 600W HPS (actual 600W lol) and my room needs some heat.
  9. I live in a warm state.
    Thanks for your reply

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