Heat problem with my new LED Spectrum King

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ZzackRaw, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Hey, I just got a new light, the Spectrum King 140w closet case LED, and it's been raising my temps to 88-93 when the light is on at night. On top of the light I live in socal, don't have AC, and i'm up in an apartment where it gets hot.
    So i just installed this new window fan dual unit to blow in cool air at night and during the day, and i replaced my exhaust fan from a 100cfm booster to a 200cfm intake, and then i added extra ducking and attached it above my window unit. Do you think this will work?
    I can set the top fan as an exhaust and tape the vent to it, and use the bottom to blow air in because the motors run separately in the fans, but I figured that would look tacky and it would be better to have both blowing air in the room.
    Also, I'm still only using a 100cfm intake fan with a carbon cover on the end, so my tent looks slightly sucked in (suctioned), but the end is blowing cold air on the plant tops.

    Any help figuring out this heat problem would be... well... HELPFUL!

    Thank you in advance for reading all of this!

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  2. Lol that setup looks damn near identical to mine...I'm also in LA, using LED in a tent, and utilizing SCROG. Small world. Check my grow journal and you can see the similarities

    Anyways, have you tried out a DIY A/C unit? Or a standalone portable A/C? Shit even some of those frozen bottles and a fan DIY AC could help drop your temps a few degrees

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