Heat problem in growing tent (how to cool down?)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by etz, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. As it says in the topic I have a heat problem, making the top leaves curl up, get crisp and eventually die. This mostly affects the leaves closest to the 400W HPS in the cool tube reflector.
    The room that the tent is located in have a temperature of 20 C (= 68 F). Inside of the tent the temp is 25 C (=77 F) and humidity just below 40%. 
    What is the easiest way to lower the temperature inside of the tent?

  2. I have a honeywell pivot fan (not oscillating) that is pivoted straight up at the bulb on speed 2. It keeps things cool under the bulb

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  3. Do u have an exhaust fan hooked up to your cool tube. ?

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  4. Turn down the heat in your house. Try 66.
  5. Just an open wing/bulb no cooltube. Exaust is unhooked in winter.

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  6. How close is the light to the plants? Can you open the top of the tent to let the heat out?
  7. how is 25C too high? you just have your light too close buddy
  8. Your temps are PERFECT dude.  How far is your bulb from the tops of the plants?  Your 400w should be 12-14" away from the top. Measure the temperature at the canopy height. 
    Something else is causing your plants to burn and curl.  Maybe a hardcore nute burn?
    he should turn the heat off in that room, block vents or whatever.
    Anyway his room is not even close to hot.

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