heat problem in flower room

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mattwood1011, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. its getting way too hot in my flower room, my 430w HPS is burning up the room its a small room now that i live with my girl. shes not down with giving me a room for growing because "its the babys room" even though shes not even prego :rolleyes:. so im growing in a 5 by 5 closet and its about 100 degrees in the day and 90 at night (day=lights on, night= lights off) when i was growing at my own place i had a whole room devoted to growing so idk what to do. any help thanks...:(
  2. easiest solution is to just buy a cooltube for your hps..it'll cut your head down alot..most likely to the temps desired. and if not, get a few fans to blow right under your HPS to help dissipate that heat, keep the closet door open, etc.

  3. thanks man... i dont have any money and i have 3 fans going...its still hott...fuckkkk
  4. Try using CFLs instead of the HPS. You cant grow as many plants, but they will certainly work for a few plants and heat will not be an issue. At least it will keep you growing something....

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