heat, or lack of it.

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  1. Well its 24" just as the cooltube...i think ill have to run 6" inside the tent and as soon as i leave the tent reduce, then go to fan and then filter. I think itll work. May just require some finessing of the 6" ducting. I know my holes are big amd have socks to close onto it too. So worst come to worse i should be able tp run not a full 90* out but 45 so the bend isnt so extreme
  2. You want to reduce your intake. the 4 inch increases the flow. The cooltubes intake > 6" duct to plant level > Reducer > Then u have ur passive TENT intake

    the air source needs to be restricted. That simple
  3. Ah ok i think i get it. So i actually would want to put a restrictor on the uptake tube inside the tent to increase that flow? I have the tents passive intake vents mostly closed off as per our last convo too
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    Yup you got it. the restriction will create higher flow rate over ur bulb and in ur space. Since the passive intake is 3.5 x 8 (if i remember correctly) it will pull air in slower than its taking it out. That should pull out most of the heat off your bulb and allow just enough cool air in to keep it regulated at mid 70s. You may have to play with how much of your passive intake is covered to regulate it best.

    If the air it pulls in is too cold & temps drop, cover more.

    If its getting too hot (doubtful) remove some.

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