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  1. Ok I've got a plan to flower in a small area, but instead of it growing upwards it will growin a spiral towards the lamp. But the lamp is in there now and it creates a lot of heat. Smell is a problem and so is noise, what can I do? The plants started, flowering yesterday. and now is wilting down due to the heat and humidity. What can I do? BTW, Its growing in a light proofed cabinate (I cant spell) Will a sponge collect enough humidity if I were to stick one in?

    Any sugestions?????????????????


    Thank You
  2. What size is the cabinet? At any rate,,you need ventilation at the top/back to allow that heat and excess humidity out,use a small computer fan to extract if needed,or your sweetheart will die..

    Vinegar in a bowl may help mask odor,charcoal filter,ozone generator as well.

    And ..no..sponges are good for spilled liquids,,not water vapor.

    I sure hope this helped.....peace


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