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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by YoungDro, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I recently started a new soil grow in my basement. The room stays a great 72-75 degrees with the lights on, and a constant 55 with the lights off. The cold nights worried me so I purchased a small heat mat to place under the actual pot. The manufacturer claims it will raise the soil temperature 10-20 degrees, which I hope will help out. I obviously plan on having it on a timer that is opposite the lights, i.e. only on at night. My question is, what would be the "ideal" soil temperature for the plant? And also, does anyone have experience with using heat mats for a similar purpose?
  2. To be more accurate you need to get the $35 controller for the mat so you can dial it in.
    I think a good soil temp is 78 with a little cooler outside air
  3. Okay, 78 sounds good to me. But my air temperature is going to be significantly cooler than that, 55 degrees. Do you think I will experience any slowed growth? Even with the heated soil?
  4. haha maybe i will take the undertank heater away from the hermit crabs and set it up under my jiffies. i like the heat mat idea. safer unattended than a space heater
  5. Ya that was my reasoning behind it. I can't sleep at night knowing that there's an unattended space heater in my house, no way. I'm surprised at how many people on the forum are quick to use electric heaters. Conversely, I can't sleep knowing that my plant is at least 10 degrees too cold at night, hence the heating mat. I just hope it solves the issue.

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