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  1. I have a reptile heating mat to keep the temperature of my box at 27*C when the lights go off
    Will this have any ill effects on my plants at all?
    The mat is right below the saucer which is right below the pot ;)
  2. I use a heat mat set at 80`F (27C) for rooting my clones, but haven't used one further into the growth cycle. I suppose if your ambient conditions are on the cooler side, the heat will be beneficial, however if it is quite warm in your space already, the additional heat may impair growth.

    By the look of the healthy plant you're growing, I'd say no worries bro.......
  3. am i missing something? like the pic of this healthy plant you mentioned?
  4. <---dumbass.
    the pic appeared after i posted that, GC trying to make me look dumber than i already am again...:smoking:
    p.s. yes, thats a healthy plant. and what would your temps be without the heat mat?
    unless its REAL cold, i would not use the heat mat for a plant of that age, conisdering the extra wattage used, and saftey, blah blah..
    to each his own though, if it helps YOU and YOUR plant, by all means, use it.
  5. It can get pretty darn cold m8, I live in a cold place lol (It says indiana in my profile but I just made that shit up) paranoid lol
  6. It really depends on the texture of your soil. If it drains well, then it could work to your favour, because the little air pockets in the soil will produce a fog, which roots can obsorb the nutrients better. But if your soil is constantly wet, the heat from the mat will remove whatever oxygen is down there, which is bad for the roots (sufficate them), and cause root rot, which will raise your pH levels, therefore locking out the nutrients, which give the plant energy to make more roots (LOL).

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