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  1. I just bought a Heat Mat Today. But my Seeds are starting to come through the Rockwool and they have 4 small tiny leaves. Should I use the heat mat? or just leave it for next time? Also when should I stop using a Heat Mat?


  2. It looks like your seeds are already doing what they are supposed to be doing. I would just leave it for next time.
  3.  it depends on what you want the heat mat to do. If they are cold put the lights closer. If it's to speed up germination then that's already happened
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    thanks yeah, the rockwool is a little cold, im using a T5 light so ill try to put it closer. Thanks unless i should put the heat mat to try and warm it up?
  5. What is your root temperature? 
  6. Unless your grow room is below 60F, there is no need for a heat mat or any source of heat, period.

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