heat killed my cola!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Red's Dreads, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. hey everybody, im really stressing about my plant right now, so this is what happened...

    this morning i turned off my venting fan from 8am-1pm, and lights go on at 10, so for 3 hrs my plants were wayyyy to hot, and her top cola and top side branch are both really droopy and what i call wilted, they arn't burnt just no moisture and her stem is like wet nothing. will she recover???? theres a crappy pic in my GJ, check the link below, im really stressing right now so thanks everybody :smoke: peace
  2. Yeah, I don't know if the wilted parts will ever recover but, the rest of the plant will probably be ok.
  3. hey man, thanks for the responce. should i cut off the wilted part, or leave it on?
  4. that blows bad... Has the cola recoverd?- by the way what do you got on the walls of your grow space and where did you get it?- the reflective metal.. i found stainless steal at 250$ at sheet OUCH!!! so im usen aLumminum foil... week.. where how much and what you got would be aprriciated.. thanks GOOD LUCK!!
  5. I would just leave the wilted part, there is a chance that it perks back up. If you use tin foil make sure you go dull side out. Mylar is probably the best for reflective material. I just bought 4x20 feet for about $25. Good luck.
  6. I would leave it and you might have a pleasant suprise depending on how bad it is burned. I had the same problem do to laziness and burnt the top of a main cola. I left it alone and by two weeks later it was over twice the size. I think the burning duplicated fimming as the bud went jurassic in size. I am sure I got lucky by burning just the right amount but you never know.
  7. hey everybody, thanks for the kind words :)

    so the sad news is last night right before bed i took off the top and one other site that was fried. they turned brown and wern't going to recover. night is a good time to cut i think, cause thats when she grows and all that. as far as reflective material, i also got that 4x20' mylar and it works great.

    the good news is all the side branches have shot up TONS!!! like... i'm almost paranoid they're all gonna become too tall!!! lol, soon ill take good pics soon as all the green hairs become white and they look a lil more developed.... week 3 of flower is such an exciting week!!! gotta love it :smoke: peace

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