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  1. Hi all, first time posting on this forum.

    right the problem I have is I got a 6ft by 3ft grow room, which is also 6ft in hight and goes down to 3ft at the back (growing in a loft). I have 1 4" inlet and 2 600w one is a cool sha the other is a cool tube lights that's hooked up to a 8" fan that is reduced down to 5". Also have a tower fan blowing over my 6 bucket rdwc. Now the problem is I can't keep my temps down I get around 87f and im stuck on ideas.

    Should I maybe change the inlet to a 5" fan instead of the 4?

    If need any pics up think I could sort some out. Let me know what ideas you have please.

    Thanks, skulljester86.
  2. I am a little confused on your dimensions, if I am understanding your numbers correctly I would say two 600w HPS's is massive over kill :/ Also I can say that taking an 8 inch fan down to a 5 in duct is severely reducing how much your fan is cooling your room.

    Do you have any oscillating fans in your area? A picture would be helpful. :D
  3. Assuming the room is 108 sq ft, a 4" blower could easily circulate fresh air to the grow area. The 8" > 5" is reducing the air flow quite a bit so you should find a way to increase that.

    Could you clarify that?

    I would spend like $150 on a melonhead reflector by AN, and would use the 8" to pull air through the hood and the cool tube, out.

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  4. Wells first would be how many cfm's are each producing, then i would look at the ventilation itself, more bends means less efficient flow, try and make the ducting have the least bend in it as possible. I was able to drop my temps 8 degrees by doing this. Had a large S curve in by ducting for no reason, lol.

    For lowering temps within the room what i do is get a bucket with water freeze it poke holes add fan and towel instant 10 degrees. Also directing a fan to the glass of the lights drops it a few degrees so many things out there i can write a book.

    Look at what room you have to work with and go from their, or post pics and make a thread about it!
  5. Hi all, thank you for the comments.

    Well the dimensions r height is 6ft in one part the goes down because the slope in the roof to 3ft. Then width is 3ft and length is 6ft.

    2 600w cool share lights is over kill but im bending my plants so I want as much light :D.

    I will get up there soon and take some pics. But I do have alot of bending in my duct, due to the lack of height in the room :(. But I thought with the power of the 8 even still reduced to a 5 I thought it would of been enough to push the hot air from the lights.

    I have noticed the cool tube seems to be the problem as this heats up alot more than my cool shade.

    Thanks, skulljester86.
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    Right here goes... this has been so hard to do as im trying to upload pics off my tablet, stupid laptop is broke.

  7. Sorry for the size.

    Right here goes. The left side is the 8" fan reduced to 5". The duct comes out from the fan bends round and connects to the left side of the cool shade. Pops out the other side and bends round to the right side of the cool tube. Then the duct will come out the left side of the cool tube and will bend round under the 8" fan and out the grow room. Now I know there is alot of bends but surely I thought the 8" would of bin fine.

    Any help would be great as my temps r around 85 and would like to lower it to 75.
  8. Okay don't hate on my MS paint skills with a track pad lol. I will try to help..

    Here is a top view of how I would set up your area in terms of cooling both lights, also are we assuming the fan is sucking the hot air out? As that is how you should have it configured.

    Onward to my top view diagram.. lol


    I know you reduced your size from 8 - 5 inches, this diagram and included links to items is using 6 in since I believe that may be more standard.. correct me if I am wrong.

    This is how I would have it set up, not sure if it is more efficient or not but I think it is worth a shot.

    Here are links to the parts:

    8 in to 6 in duct reducer
    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Sunlight-Supply-Duct-Reducer/dp/B002JL8BAO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1322403217&sr=8-2]Amazon.com: Duct Reducer 8 in. to 6 in.: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    6 in Y splitter
    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Broan-NuTone-FY6-Y-Adaptor/dp/B001PO3OFS/ref=pd_cp_e_0]Amazon.com: Broan-NuTone FY6 6" x 6" x 6" Y-Adaptor: Home Improvement[/ame]

    Also the reducer is probably not needed as much, I see you just used duct tape in your image, maybe go a little heavier on the duct tape as it looks like there is an opening. If money isn't an issue, definitely go with the reducer, if not, duct tape isn't a bad choice.

    I hope this helped :D Good luck to you.

    Also make sure you have oscillating fans in there, and if you are going active intake, have the cool outside air coming in on the low left, since your hot air is leaving the top right. Also place your oscillating fan by the active intake so it disperses the fresh air evenly in your tent, making for sound airflow.
  9. Haha loving the ms paint pic ;). So is it best to suck air from the duct rather than blow over the light and out the grow room? Also because both lights r sucking air in how would I go about connecting a carbon filter as both ends of the cool shades r open.

    But thank you for the reply. Reason I went with 5" is I had 10 meters of ducting and the cool shade is 5".
  10. Is it best to add the carbon filter to the end of the duct blowing out of the grow room or have it inside?
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    Here is a little pic I drew. The one on the right is what I got going on. And the one on the left is what I thought about doing. Would this improve more suction and lower temps?

    Btw I dunno why my pictures r so big :(.
  12. In short yes, or keep it the same as u have and seal off the ends of both lights, and do something about that ducting. Less bends and try to make it as big as u can and with the fan sucking the air out not just blowing it through them.

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