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  1. I'm building my 2x3x8 closest grow room and I can foresee a heat issue running a 400w mh/hps. How should I go about ventilation? My last grow room with a 600w just happened to fall directly into the 80-85 temps and I got a decent yeild off of em, so this will be new to me.
  2. is it a vented hood?
  3. Nope, looking into buying a air cooled hood and 200 cfm wind-tunnel exhaust fan, i'm just worried about where and if I should put in an intake fan?
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    you will want an exhaust fan near the top of your room.
    The intake fen will depend on whether or not you are going to run a sealed room for co2.
    I would have a small fan or at least a small opening at the bottom somewhere to pull in fresh air, if your exhaust is going to be 200 cfm, what is the diameter of the fan? i would make your fresh air inlet a little smaller than the exhaust for negative pressure, especially if you are planning to conquer odor later on, you're gonna need it, if you have to worry about smell security. If your going to run a sealed room for co2 then you may just need to exhaust, that may pull through cracks in your area. Negative pressure works well when combating odors...
  5. Nope no co2 atm, The 200 cfm exhaust is a 4 inch so it should do away with my heat that i'm expecting, for the passive intake is my closest door with about a 2 inch gap. Never heared of negative pressure and i've been growing for about a good 2 years, i'll look it up. The strain i'm using has a small odor so i'm not really worried about it, I live in the boonys with neighbors about 2 blocks away. It's always nice =)

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