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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by clint torres, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. in a small bathroom that will not go below 77* F / 25* C , I have 7 fans and it is not enough. What is the smallest portable air conditioner you can recommend?
  2. What are your temps when lights are on? 77 degrees is the ideal grow temp.
  3. If anything you will want a small space heater to get temps up to 85 when flowering to induce more resin production. NEVER go above 89, but during flowering keep temps between 80 - 85.

  4. between like 76/77*(if the air is on, a vent goes into the bath/growroom) to 80*

    I'd like to get it down by about 5*. I figure if i can find a "micro" ac I could get rid of some of the fans. freeing space for 2 more plants ;)
  5. Your temps are just fine. Try taking a couple of fans out and see how much a difference it makes. A small AC even a portable one will take up more room then you think.

  6. the way the bathroom is set up it might be fine
  7. Too low of temps will decrease yield.
  8. Temps are fine.

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