Heat Issues Solved - 1st Grow LR2 :)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bobtheslob, May 13, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I have a real issue with excessive heat in my setup and was wondering if I removed the emergency blanket and painted it white would this help in reflecting lass heat downward from the lining...

  2. White paint will usually reflect more light than an emergency blanket, so yes...

    Unfortunately this will probably not help with your heat problem...you'll have to address that through ventilation...
  3. using a 4" inline fan and a carbon scrubber....

  4. Alright...lets see what we can do...

    Size of grow area?
    CFM of fan?
    What are you using for intake?
    Temps inside/outside grow area?
  5. The white paint is still a good idea, for light. Better than the emergency blanket. (Won't expel heat, though, as mentioned.)
  6. Okey dokey then - 4" inline fan and purchased C filter mounted above the grow cab separated with mesh - 4 x passive intakes in each corner of the cab base PVC elbow underneath i.e. outside the cab - Cab is on legs. 125W red CFL mounted in the liddle at the top - I will take a pic and post below.
  7. Should have said - flat white paint, not gloss.
  8. Temps inside are pushing 30C / outside 23C


    Outake vent as seen from inside the cab looking up


    125W CFL red


    A view of the inside.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    The top of the cab with inline fan etc.

    Cab is 70cm x 65cm x 30cm
  9. Well...your fan looks big enough...but your intakes look a bit small imo...can you remove the pvc elbows easily? They are probably reducing your airflow...
  10. Not a problem doing it no and will let you know :) What about light leakage ?

  11. Hmmm...hadn't thought of that...you're still in veg right? Just try remove the elbows as you don't really have to worry about light leaks too much in veg...if that works you can look at going with the same type of system you have now, just with larger holes and elbows...
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    For light leaks I used strips of cardboard inside the door frame to overlap the gap.
    (There's a pic showing it in the early pages of my journal.)

    For flowering. And I mean the door, not the vent system.
  13. no I mean light leakages from the floor holes :)
  14. Do you think it would be better to create a bigger hole at the top of the cab instead of just using one side ? i.e. cut a bigger hole in the top and then put some more mesh across ?

  15. Maybe a sort of a shield, pointing backwards, a bit like a car bonnet scoop and painted black inside? (Just a thought.)

  16. You said our box is on legs right?

    You could build a intake/light trap box underneath the box...:confused_2:

    Just make sure it doesn't impede airflow too much...

  17. What you have should work okay...just try to concentrate your intake on the opposite side of the box to promote cross flow...if possible...
  18. That's sort of what I meant by a shield / car bonnet scoop, pointing toward the rear..
  19. Hmm intake you say eh :) I have a 4cm pc fan that could be used as an inake on the front right

    I have just troubleshot the system and decided to remove the ducting off of the fan that blows as this is not really required - TBH I have noticed a big difference in the flow so I am currently testing that configuration now :)
  20. Oh BTW I put the PVC elbows back on as this didn't make any difference in the flow at all :(

    I am going to install the fan now :) I will install the ACDC convertor out side and feed it up one of the intakes....

    Thanks for your help so far guys I felt like just burning the whole thing earlier as it isn't quite going as smoothly as expected ! + there are a couple of ladies germing so time is of the essence...

    Also If I can get this right I have another 65W blue I want to install but until I sort this heat issue...

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