heat issues, could a t5 system be the answer?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Limewillis, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. So aprox a year ago my idea to turn my closet into a grow room ended badly.
    I considered it a total failure and the whole loss came to around $500.
    While not my first grow by any means...it most certainly was my worst.

    I started with a combination of both CFL's and a few LED systems, totaling in at about 200 watts.
    I then, like an idiot, decided to toss in a 150 watt hps assuming the height of the closet (4x6x10) would dissipate the heat through simple convection.
    How wrong was I.
    My beautiful white widow clones, that were doing so well just vegging under the cfl's and LED's were dead within 80 hours.

    The reason I stuck the HPS in the room was due to the obvious fact I was getting almost no canopy penetration.

    I want to conquer and put this albatross behind me.

    Do you guys think T5's would create too much heat for this small closet?
    I wouldn't know, I've worked with quite a few systems but never attempted to grow and flower with T5.
  2. I LOVE the T5HOs... I used to grow with HPS/MH... then LED and some CFL... but I really like the T5HOs by far the best choice. Lots of light and just a bit of heat... creates a nice VPD and your plants can breathe and you don't have to have crazy ducted reflectors to keep your grow from becoming an easy-bake oven... I want buds, not cup cakes...

  3. Go with T5s and also Top/Trim your plants too, and use fishing weights to weigh down the branches...
  4. Good tip.
  5. you will never get the yield that you will out of an hps. find out a way to vent it, its very easy. i used to run 400w hps lights in closets and never had them get too hot. try cracking the closet door open when the light is on. those lights dont produce a ton of heat even with the balast mounted in the hood. its not a huge deal to keep the closet door open a little.

    You can run ducting to the hood and out the door when the light is on, and when its off tuck the ducting back in the closet and shut the door
  6. watercooled 600w would do nice in that space.
  7. !
    Thanks man!
    I remember like 3 years ago I bought one of these just to fuck around with it, never ended up doing anything with it.

    I still have the pumps and everything, of course I cant put a 150 watt bulb in there, the inner jacket wont let it fit but I can just hook it up to a 250 watt ballast.

    Ah man thanks.
  8. As long as the socket fits you can use any watt, just splice or find an appropriate cord. Good luck :D
  9. I too have been looking into T5 lights cause I want to have these in my new veg/clone room. Any suggestions on a good brand or system? I didn't want to say good hood, lmao.

  10. nice:hello::hello:
  11. i am having heat issues as well. i have a 400w light with just a reflective hood about 6' above plants, heat is about 83-87 f during the day. will this kill the plants. i just planted them today. also how do i cool the room (aka 4'wx2'dx7'h closet) down a little?

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