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Heat Gun Vaporizer's and Metal Ions

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by vaelrenx, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of lurking and searching to try and find the most cost effective, healthy manner in which to inhale my medication and I am set on a heat gun Vaporizer. The one concern is that I have heard speculation that heat guns where the heating element is not ceramic encapsulated may release metal ions (a possibly carcinogenic). I do not deny this, but rather would be very happy if someone could point me to the source of this information (a study, not a speculation).

    If there is a study I would also very much appreciate information as to where, in Canada, I can purchase a ceramic encapsulated heating element heat gun. I can't seem to find the standard Steinel's, Sears Crafstman, Bosch, or Makita that I have heard mentioned.

    But first and foremost ---> a link to a study or credible source to due with the metal ions please :)
  2. does anyone have any evidence?
  3. As far as I know, anytime you heat certain(typically transitional metals are the suspected cacinogens) metals over a certain point, they'll begin to ionize... That's just basic chemistry.
    As for what metals do what, it really depends on what metal is used in the heating element, so there's no definite answer to your question.

    Since I also live in Canada, I know it can be hard to find certain items here... Just do the easy thing, buy it online and ship it in.

    P.S. For more info on the cancer causing properties of metal ions just google "metal ions carcinogen"... There's plenty of links to books that have researched this... Next time you post, please do a bit more reseach first.
  4. If your really worried about it, get the 49$ wagner from Menards. 12 heat settings and a ceramic coil. It's the cheapest ADJUSTABLE ceramic coil gun you can get and it works pretty well.
  5. I too use a vaporizor, that is a paint stripper heat gun. I simply have a modified bowl port on my regular water pipe that fits the head of the vapor gun. I blow the gun into my bowl and inhale from the bong stem at the "perfrct time".

    When you get a new one let it run for a while without using. It seams like some of the plastic components need to burn off gas or maybe it is a coils. You can smell it and taste it.

    The whole thing is still ran through the water just like a regular bong so I have never gotten that burnt popcorn taste like other vaporizors have. So this metal ion problem if there is one would at least be reduces by water bonging even the vapor.

    I have to get a new paint stripper about every month because the electricity in this town burns out these motors fast. So I keep my reciept from Wal Mart and get a new one about every month with there exchange program.....
  6. Depending on how you want it, automatic or manual, for manual use you could also get a ceramic soldering iron. Put your weed in a bong, hold the tip over the bowl and suck, drawing hot air from the hot ceramic over your bud.

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