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  1. Hi all,

    I am based in uk . grow 4 plants to make hemp oil for medicinal purposes.

    I will use a grow tent, 400w hps light, hydrophonic growing kit and exhaust/extraction for heat and smell.

    would police infrared from helicopters be able to detect the heat from a 400w bulb?

    or should i use 2 x 90w led ufo grow lights?

    would it be good to vent the heat into an entire room instead of to a specific point where the heat would be concentrated . i.e. out of the tent into the entire room (to heat the room maybe) ?

    the tent will be in my loft room where i sleep, however im at university and wont be in the room all year ( except weekends ).

    or is the tent better off in my outcabin (wooden).

    thanks all
  2. haha man, want us to link you to a website that shows you how to properly make a tinfoil hat? HAHAH J/K man.

    For real, they can't differentiate that from a normal bright lamp, and by no means can a infrared photo be used to get a search warrant. Man, helicopters ARE NOT hovering above, scanning your closet.

    If you get caught, its because you told someone with a big mouth. The old saying goes, the only way 3 people can keep a secret is if 2 of them are dead.
  3. but most lamps in the house are 100w?

    surely an 18 hour day of 400w could allow them to differentiate?

    also, i still have to vent the heat somewhere? - if i vented it straight thorouhg the exhaust into the middle of loft room would there be no heat spots ( so to speak )
  4. Hi

    Nira, dnt worry ur cool , no heat spots will come under any infrareds
    And btw ur not the only one growing weed so jus chill n another thing
    The police if looking are looking for atleast a room bigger than ur dorm
    To start wid and giving off 10 x more heat than ur giving off

    If u dnt mind me asking wht u plan todo wid da hemp oil?? -intresting
  5. im a uk grower as well and iv had no problems this link is 4 uk growers it might put your mind at rest bro The UK growers thread! peace to all my fellow growers:wave::smoking:

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