Heat control while using C02 in grow tent

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  1. How do I do to get temps down while using Co2?

    I purchased a couple exhale co2 generators for my grow tent (L5 x W8 x H8).  They are working great, but when the tent is closed up to keep the Co2 in, after a few hours the heat from the lights and Dehumidifier causes the temp to climbing up near 90.  I know this is way too high, and it is visibly burning the plants.
    Right now, I'm venting the room, which I assume is defeating the Exhale bags.
    I don't know how long It takes to raise the Co2 ppm with these bags, so I'm not sure what would be best to do.
    I could use some helpful advice from someone more experienced than I about best practices regarding heat and the use of C02.


  2. You are wasting your money using the c02 bags or other homemade methods of producing C02. They will not produce enough C02 to make a difference in growth. A constant PPM of more than 1200 is needed for enhanced growth and none of these cheap methods of generating C02 can even come close to providing these levels.

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    Agreed. My shop tried to sell me that garbage.. I told him to never try to sell me garbage again!

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