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    Hey, good morning.... I live in Northern Ca and it has been over 105 the last couple weeks and my babes seem to Not lke this. They get about 4hrs in the morning with indirect sun and the rest of the day in almost full sunlight. There containers have been getting hot and the plants droup. I water every morning, but is this too much. I lift the pots to check weight and the soil is damp a few inches down, but with the weather wonder if its too much water or Not enough? See attached pic's.
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  2. I live in the 209 and it's been just as hot. I can tell right away from your pics though that your pots are too small. I have 15 gallon pots and they are doing just fine in the heat. I highly suggest transporting them to bigger pots right away.
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    I was just going to say the same thing. Even in milder temps, plants that size would be struggling with such small containers. Your rootball is probably cooking in the sun. If you can, transplant. Then your rootball will be protected by cool soil and your roots can spread a little before flowering. That will give you the happiest plants and best yields. If you can't transplant for some reason, consider burying your pots to keep the pots cooler, or at least wrap them in white towels. But transplanting would really be best. You're most likely getting rootbound.

    Honestly I think the heat effects us more than the plants. As long as they have enough root space and water they will be happy at ridiculous temps.
  4. Yeah those pots are uber tiny and black plastic is the worst not sure why they make them should all be white I wrap any plastic pots I had before transplanting out of them with panda film white side out of course. Smart pots are the way to go good breath ability and almost impossible to overwater.
  5. More roots equals more yield its all about building a extensive root system to support what is up top. What you got below the soil line is bar none the most important factor in a plants health and performance and keeping them cool will allow plants to handle even up to 110 for short periods without much stress or damage.
  6. I agree with everyone above me. The roots while they, are getting water, most likely the roots are getting too hot in the pots.

    My plants are in the ground and I have no problems with this heat. I just check the soil in the morning and the afternoon to be sure all is well.
  7. you're probably baking it with reflected heat from the wall as well.
  8. Good morning all, so I went out first thing, last Sunday and got some smart pots and a ton of soil, transplanted and as of today they are loving life. I will move them away from the wall, but space is limited. Thanks for the advise....
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  9. Glad to hear it can't go wrong with smart pots once you use them you never go back.
  10. I understand adding some silica to your water increases the elasticity of the plant tissue, making things easier for the plant to breathe. Botanicare has a product called Silica Blast, but there's others just like it.

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