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  1. Anyone here play Hearthstone? It is a free game from blizzard and its like magic the gathering. Super fun and easy to learn. My Battle.net name is The3amJunkie#1606. Add me would like to play wih some peeeps from the GC.

    Also if anyone has tips and tricks let me know in this thread!

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  2. I've been breaking for quite a bit now but there is a couple active players on here, you can use the search function to find the thread where our info is at. Thanks.
  3. i play but almost only arena and some tavern brawls. the ladder doesn't really do anything for me, not that i'm good enough to be on ladder anyway.
    anyways it's a fun game and since it's free why not check it out for yourselves :)
  4. I play mainly solo but I wouldn't mind adding more peeps. pneko#1605
  5. Just started playing a few days ago, pretty fun so far. It's nice to have on your phone to play a game or two while waiting on something.

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