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Heartburn from smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mitchyys, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. So whenever I smoke now, I get heartburn, does this happen to people? I feel like the heartburn gets worse everytime I smoke. What would be causing this?
  2. Well, I can't say I've ever had heartburn as a direct result from tokin' up, but I'd have to imagine if you did, it'd be something having to do with the hits tearing on your esophagus. Which very ironically I would suggest you smoke more to cure.

  3. Ive been experiencing the same thing lately after having horrible heartburn after a big bong rip which triggered a panic attack (ive never had intense heartburn until this moment). Now, not only do i get pretty rough heartburn for about an hour after smoking, but the high isnt even the same anymore, probably due to the heartburn and a slight association of the smoking with the panic attack. I recommend taking a t-break and starting back slow, its what im about to do hopefully it helps.

    For now what you should do:

    Make sure you eat 20-30 minutes before smoking and obviously avoid foods that cause heartburn when you do eat. As far as smoking, joints are better than bongs and absolutely no spliffs or blunts as the nicotine will make the acid reflux worse. That also means no cigs. I quit cold turkey after that episode because of how much worse the smokes made it.

    Hope that helps, stay high my guy
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  4. Joints are better than bongs?

    Lol! That's funny.
  5. Take some of that over the counter heartburn medicine that is causing deaths and family members are suing the Pharm company.
    Oh wait a minute. If you did that, you would die. OK scratch that idea, sorry.
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  6. I mean for smoking with ACID REFLUX. I could care less about your opinion on ROA
  7. Hahahahaha! Better for acid reflux.

    We got a Grasscity doctor in the house!
  8. Lol whatever dawg, all im tryna do is give dude advice based off what helps me, i dont see what point you're trying to make being an asshole on this post ?
  9. Have you done peer reviewed studies and double blind tests to come up with your conclusion that joints are better for acid reflux than bongs?
    Quit making shit up.
  10. Nope, but never once did I claim to be a doctor, nor did i claim what i said was medical fact , I specifically stated my ADVICE was based off of what works for ME, but quite obviously you're illiterate because you insist on acting like a fucking asshole , do you have a degree in Gastrointestinal Studies? No? Then please shut the hell up.

    Stop being a prick and just leave the post, no one asked for your uptight ass opinion. Jesus Christ i dont fucking understand why some of you guys on here have it out for ANYONE whos opinions differs from yours. I thought marijuana calmed people, you are one angry ass stoner my friend, switch strains and lighten tf up.

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