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Heart Rate goes sky high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kush57, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I bought a nice pipe and every time I smoked my Heart Rate would go sky high !!!
    So I tried using my Vaporizer and my Heart Rate stayed normal.
    Anyone with this problem start using a Vaporizer.  I have the V-Tower and a         Da Vinci. Both work Great. To bad I love my pipe.

  2. Did you actually measure your heart rate or did it feel that way?
  3. shit happens
  4. Yeah I feel this when I smoke too much too quickly... It kinda scares me, since I know (at least I'm think) that it's not just in my head as I can feel my heart beat race :/. Anyone know if this is a bad thing for your heart to beat quickly after toking?Sent from space on board the Galactic Bluntship
  5. It would be a lot better if you told us your heart rate before and after smoking. I've found that it goes over 100 with a good sativa, but that's not really dangerous unless you've got a serious heart condition.
  6. My heart rate goes up whether I use the vape or a pipe. If I only take one or two hits, and the weed isn't a killer sativa, my heart rate stays in the mid-upper 80's.

    Haven't smoked any rolled weed in a long time so I can't say if that is any different as far as affecting my heart rate.
  7. That's one of the effects of marijuana my friend.
    Regardless of the piece, if you get high enough, you'll feel the effects.
    Focused, tv-like vision, increased heart rate, hunger, cotton mouth, dry/itchy eyes, and everything tastes, looks, feels, and smells better.

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