Heart Racing after smoking, recently diagnosed w/ dehydration

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  1. Hello friends, I was recently diagnosed with dehydration. I had a long night of binge drinking with some coworkers. Next morning, I had a horrible hangover and still felt drunk. My friend recommended a "Never to hungover" hang over cure. I drank it and I felt a little worse. Head was pounding and I felt really hot so I took a nap for about an 30-1hr. She asked how I felt and I said not to great so she offered another hangover cure called "Blow fish" I drank it with out thinking of what active ingredients are in both hang over cures. And in less than 10 minutes my arms and legs went numb and tingly. Once it spread to my face I started panicking and it was really over whelming, I asked my co workers to take me to Kaiser and once we arrived every inch of my body was having this tingly and numb sensation. I was slurring and I was very ditzy. Once the doc saw me he said I just had too much to drink and I was dehydrated & my blood pressure kept dropping every time I stood up. It dropped so much the machine could read my pressure. They eventually sent me home 3-4 hours later with some meds for neausousness
    But, for some reason, ever since this incident I get horrible anxiety after I smoke. My heart starts pounding and my hands get clammy.
    I'm able to function, I can still talk and hang with friends but in my head I have this horrible urge to run away from wherever I am and just lay in bed.
    I've been smoking for about 3-4 years now and NEVER experienced anything like this!
    I've taken gravity bong hits, I've hit 4 foot bongs, blunts after blunts. Worse thing that I ever felt was a mild head ache.
    Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, explain how you feel and what do you do to cope with horrible sensation?
  2. first, cut down on alcohol.

    being dehydrated is not a big deal, drink some water and eat a banana. or drink some coconut water.

    don't drink chemical "hangover cures" especially if you don't know the ingredients. it's probably pumped full of caffeine and god knows what else.

    now that you had a panic attack, especially after drinking you know that you are prone to them. may have to take a break from weed or change strains. or smoking methods.

    happens to a lot of people.
  3. Wow, you need a doctor to tell you to drink more water??????
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  4. Stop drinking alcohol if you can't deal with the hangover.

    doctor: drink up laddie!

  6. Hey man! sorry, I'm probably pretty late to this post but I just wanted to say that a little more than a year ago I went on a cruise for the first time. Long story short, I got shit faced all week long, came back home and smoked a blunt first thing for the first time in a week. Now prior to this I NEVER had a bad experience with weed. I've hit bongs, bowls, smoked joints and blunts and never had an issue with anxiety whatsoever. But drinking all week long I came back dehydrated and smoking that blunt sent my ass into a bad panic attack. I mean I was tripping balls so bad that I even went to the hospital and had the doctor lady told me that I was dehydrated and she got me set up with IV's and fluids. Felt ok afterwards but ever since that time smoking just hasn't been the same for me. Every time I toke I feel anxious and just can't really relax like I used to. I was just curious if you ever found any new methods or came across anything that helped you enjoy getting baked again? As of right now I'm not smoking and sadly I'm debating just quitting for good. :( Your post was the first one I ever came across that had experienced the same as me. If you found anything that helped you enjoy smoking again please let me know cause not being able to enjoy getting baked just sucks and I never in the world thought I'd be having these issues. Thanks for reading and issuing any help!!! It'd be much appreciated!!!

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