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heart problems + weed =?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nate04, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. If you had a pretty serious heart condition would you still smoke?
  2. of course. why wouldnt you?
  3. We raises your heart rate But it isn't really anymore then a light jog imo. Also depend on what's wrong with your heart, what condition do you have?
  4. You're an idiot.

    I personally wouldn't because life>weed

    If you have a heart problem and want to smoke ask your doctor first so you don't take a hit and die.
  5. Be honest with your doctor and find someone who knows their shit. Talk to a cardiologist. The answer is probably, no don't smoke weed. However this could depend on what exactly your heart condition is. Call your insurance company and ask them where you can get checked out at. Get an appointment and you should only have to pay around $15
  6. Dont listen to that ass up there^^

    Na, if i were you i wouldnt smoke A LOT, just to the point where youre comfortably high. Like if 1 isnt high and 10 is youre having a bad experience 5-7 would be good. But also, try to avoid shit that will raise your blood pressure
  7. Also, no doctor can get you in trouble just for asking him if weed is going to make you croak.. I think your doc would rather have you tell him bout your drug use
  8. Which is marijuana.

  9. True, and thats hhy i was going to get into talking about strain potency.. I think it may be best to stick to mids. And thats also why i said that he should stay comfortably high not like on another level high
  10. Probably not, it seems dangerous.
  11. Interesting, my heart condition is too much to type. I smoked daily for a full year and was perfectly fine and that was like 8 years ago. I've recently became a weekend toker again and its really helped my back problems that were caused at a young age from breaking open my sternum during open heart surgery.

    I was curious if anyone else would do it.
  12. If youre a weekend toker then i dont see why not.. Like i said dont get too high
  13. have fun with that :wave:
  14. If your prone to panic attacks then I would stay te fuck away from it
  15. If you've smoked for a year straight in the past then your fine!!! Obviously its not gonna hurt you, my only worry was doing it if you havent before. I have two friends with heart conditions that smoke like chimneys. Weed is a pretty safe drug..

    but thats just imo lol
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    I was also told that MJ lowers or has no effect on your blood pressure. Can someone send links showing it raises?

    EDIT: Increased heart rate lower bp
  17. If Texas ever did become medical I don't think a doctor would prescribe because of my heart.

    My back started giving me problems a couple months ago and since I've started back up I've had a dramatic decrease in pain and I've gained more flexibility. If Texas did become a medical state I will try to get a card.
  18. Btw I have severe scoliosis because of my sternum being cracked open. I have 2 titanium rods and that only reduced the scoliosis by 50% and when I went to the doctors about the shooting pain they said my vertebrae looked to be twisting a little so they gave me steroids, muscle relaxers and pain pills. That helped very slightly but not enough for me to take them everyday.
  19. I have heart problems, Congestive Heart Failure, three heart attacks, A-Fib and high blood presure in the last seven years.

    The only response from my Docs, when I tell them I use Cannabis, has been, "How do you use it?" and when I tell them I vap, and not smoke, everyone of them has told me that is the only way they approve of using Cannabis and that, in my case, it will help.
  20. As I thought was the case, thanks blade!

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