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Heart problems and smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by opcode40, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. So let me start off by saying I am looking for serious's my story..

    I am 19 years old i have been token since the age of 15.
    I've only done a few drugs other than weed...tabs when I was young, an incense till it was illegal in my state.

    Well it all started the other day when me and friend a went and got bud. He got 4 gs of mids n 2 of some good bud called trainwreck.

    I'd never smoked anything but dank n mids. So we get home and me an friend a start to smoke. We each hit 3 grav n quit.
    I am very high n I chill for about 10 min just listening to music.

    But then I feel odd I don't know how to explain it everything just didn't feel right.
    I feel my heart (iPhone heartrate app n stopwatch show 180+ bpm) it's beating extremely fast. At this point I just freak I feel Like ima die my heart has never beat this fast. My friend gives me a xanex cause I yelled holy shit feel my heart.
    He is fine so I know it's not laced. But I felt better after I took that , but 10 min later it's back... I then ask If I can get a shower n take. A 40 min shower. After that I sober'd up...
    Here is the main problem. Everytime I smoke I worry so much that it will happen again I can't enjoy it. N sometimes it does.

    I'm worried I'll never get to smoke again...
    I feel like I have heart problems but I wanna get advice and don't wanna tell my rents

    Fellow stoners help me out :(

    P.s. Sorry idk where this post goes.
  2. The fear that it is gunna happen again induces the feeling that it is happening after you smoke, and what is the first thing that happens once u start to think something is wrong... ur heart starts racing

    Also weed can increase heart rate

    I wouldnt worry about it, remember ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD!
  3. it's anxiety, no offense but stop being a pussy.
  4. It is all in your head, sounds like a panic attack. I had one a while back and if I get too high or I'm stressed I feel my heartbeat and feel like I have high blood pressure and shit. You just gotta mellow out, take 2 aspirin, and chill. When you're high you start getting paranoid and only focus on your heart and since you're high you start tweaking and putting too many things together that don't need to be.

    Careful how much you smoke next time man.
  5. haha, trainwreck is some potent shit, a dank sativa if i'm not mistaken. there is a common misconception that you think you will have a heart attack from smoking bud since your blood pressure rises and your heart bests a bit faster. you're fine just paranoid, try some indica strain such as grand daddy purple, i can always find some of that shit by me.
  6. It's anxiety man, no worries. And don't trust an app to tell you your heart BPM, I've tried countless and NONE of them have worked well
  7. Like happytrails said, its all in your head. I'd you don't think about it, you won't worry about it happening, and soon you'll forgot all about it. Oh and please use the word and instead of N, you have a full keyboard in front of you, use it properly.
  8. Lol not being a pussy just care about my health (ironic since smokings bad lol)
    But thanks for the advice I just wanted to see what other people thought

    And about the app I've actualy had accurate results with it

    And about using n I shorthad alot sorry.
  9. Also right now I am very stressed and depressed got alot of things going on i think I'm just worrying too much
  10. you wont get a heart attack from smoking at your age. But you can definitely get anxiety and thats what sounds like happened. Next time you smoke, just take a tiny tiny pinch. People always think the more you smoke the better it feels. not true. you only need a little bit. if youre stressed also, it can amplify that. take a break for a little and work on the things you need then come back.
  11. To the OP, I get the same way and this really is the best advice. once you get it off your mind your golden.
  12. Op, I have been there a few times. All there is to do is do something that keeps your mind occupied so your not sitting there dwelling on it. If you dwell on it youll freak yourself out even more. Try cleaning the house or playing a video game or something constructive. Also if this begins happening like every time you smoke, start taking only 1 hit just to get the buzz, and get your confidence back in smoking.
  13. I think you were just really blasted. Trainwreck is a creeper. It fucks you up.
  14. This isn't the first incident of a panic attack induced by sativa. A lot are known to be "trippy" or "intense" or "speedy" whereas Indicas like the OG line are a more narcotic, crouch-locking, sometimes laziness inducing, stone.

    Obviously not everyone has access to medical marijuana or can request indica or sativa, but you should look up ways to tell the difference between the two so you know what sativa buds look like so you know to take it slow/light.
  15. See a therapist

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