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heart palpitations and smoking bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by grass man420, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. does anyone know if there's a link between smoking cannabis and having heart palpitations? studies or personal experience or any knowledge on the topic?:wave:
  2. Well smoking weed allows more oxygen to enter your blood stream, which causes your heart to beat slow... But i dont no the main reason why... I get realy bad heart palpatations when i smoke hash...
  3. I get heart palpitations, but I thought it was because of my wolfe parkinson white syndrome
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    it depends whether you are smoking hydro or what we call here in aussieland "bush bud" the amount of chemicals and the actual chemicals used in hydro can cause heart palpitations

    especially if it's not washed thru before picking.. also depends on what has been sprayed during drying process .... meth has been a popular additive spray recently to the dry herb which can cause heart palpitations

    heart palpitations are dangerous and can signify underlying issues...

    another thing.. many allergy suffers self medicate without realizing why on pot cos it calms the body down.... get your ige levels checked and most important.. go get a heart stress test but most of all.. watch what you smoke, eat and drink before the palpitations start

    find the pattern and then avoid the antagonist
  5. Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) -

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    hmmmm. what about someone who was told by a doctor that he/she has heart palps, but the doc doesn't do anything cause its not a problem, but the individual never noticed it at all.

    then a few years later when he/she is smoking bud:bongin: and rubbing one out say can notice it. but that's the only time he/she can notice it?

    would the weed be the antagonist to the heart palps, or would it be more complex with the blood flowing to your dick/clit. or moreso a combination of the 2? :confused:
  7. lol, ive been getting some PVCs while high, at first it was the end of sickness a bad one, and i was having some anxiety due to it, well that cause me to smoke then go into a gnarly panic attack where my heart was racing and palpitating and it freaked me the fuck out, took me about 30 min to lower it back to normal, just watch out for stress but if your doc said your hearts fine your good to go.
  8. granny o granny where art thou????
  9. back when i was eating tons of fast food caused me getting heart palpitations thats why i stay away from that shit man ... its poison.
  10. I used to get them, I went Vegan, cleared everything up inside of me and lost weight and my heart never feels off-beat. That might be all you need to do is just add some more veggies to your diet. Also smoking weed is better than any other thing, but vaporizing is always optimal for health.

    Just keep that in mind, you can always get new clothes, new weed, a new car, new house, etc, but you only have one body. So make sure you remember that your body is the ultimate investment, you don't wanna be one of these people who are old and out of shape you wanna still be going up and down lol.

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