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Heart Murmur.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by stephenleskow12, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Well, today i went to my doctors because iv gotten sick from one of my smoking buddys. The Dr. said that i have the common cold and he also discoverd that i have a heart murmur. He said it had to of been there for a while but no outher doctor has ever noticed it. So i was talking to my mom and she said that smoking pot doesnt help my heart. So i figured i'd read on here and mabye find somethings. And i found out that when u smoke that your heart can beat up to 3x faster than normal. I was wondering if i should stop smoking (pot i dont smoke cigs.)? I have smoked for the past two years and i havnt really noticted anything. And i also do vicidon everynow and then too. Do you think i should stop doing them also?
    Thanks for the help.
  2. I've smoked cigs & pot for 10+ years (Quit smoking cigs in Sept though) and have a heart murmur. My murmur was discovered when I was 3 and has never caused me any problems. I barely even think about it these days. And after every surgery I've had (nothing heart related) I've been prescribed vicodin - so I doubt that would be a concern.

    Now of course I'm not a doc and am not offering medical advice - just experience. If you are really concerned you should ask your doctor.

  3. What kind of heart murmer? Did he diagnose you with Mitral Valve Prolapse, Aortic Valve Prolapse, Triscupid Valve Prolapse, or other?

    I have MVP and TVP, both with minor regurgitation, which are the more common types of heart murmers. They are not serious, and smoking weed shouldn't cause them to be. I've smoked for 6 years, and daily for the last 4 of those years.

    If you were diagnozed with MVP or TVP then I'd say smoke it up... If it's a problem with your aortic valve, then I'd say stop smoking...
  4. Ask your doctor.
  5. R_M's advice is the best and most simple, just ask.

    From what I've personally read, longterm, smoking weed can actually be good for your heart, both in preventing disease, and strength wise. Just because your heart is beating faster doesn't mean it's being strained or anything, just like any muscle in your body, activity is what keeps them in good shape.

    I've had a heart murmur since I was born, the only somewhat technical term it's ever been described to me is a "Functional heart murmer" as in, it's not ever really going to be a problem or effect my health. Infact, when I was getting my Freshman year physical for football, I had to go to the Childrens Hospital in Milwaulkee (fuckin' huge hospital for kids, man..) just so they could listen to it more in depth, and clear me (which they did) to play football, even though my normal doctor cleared me for two years prior in Jr. High...

    They could barely even hear it. Infact, for at least two doctors I've had, I've actually had to point it out to them (not that it existed, like where the actual murmer is. If everything is quiet, or if I put my hand by my heart, I can actually hear/tell where the slight murmer is.)

    I've been smokin' for years now, and I'm still alive'n'kickin.
  6. I have Bicuspid Valve Disease, and a Heart Murmur because of it. This has been diagnosed since I was 5. Mine is called "mild to moderate". I've never had an operation, but I do have to take medication before I get dental work done. I find that it doesn't affect me when I smoke, but I do hear my heartbeat better because I can zone into that stuff when I'm high. My heartbeat is really trippy because of the murmur :hippie:

    EDIT: I did talk to my heart doctor about my marijuana smoking. Read this thread:

  7. Yeah... I was gonna come back and comment more... Best advice was given by Rasta_Man... Ask your doctor :D

    There are different types of heart murmers, and most of which are not even remotely close to being serious... Some you just have to take meds (antibiotics) before any dental work or any other minor surgery - as you could develop a possibly fatal infection in your heart without them.

    Some of them are more serious - like Aortic Valve disease (or any murmer related to your aortic valve), in which case you'll definately want to talk to your doctor, and follow any advice he/she gives you.

    Whether or not you can smoke will depend on which type of murmer you have, and how severe it is. You should ask about getting an echocardiogram (an ultrasound) of your heart. This will help your dr's properly diagnose which type of murmer you have and also if there's any other genetic problems with your heart.

    Just for everyone's information... Smoking weed bypasses the part of your nervous system that controlls your heart and lungs - thus why it's virtually almost non-toxic...

    I have heart-problems, as do a lot of people in my immediate/extended family, so I've done quite a large amount of research (mainly regarding electrical problems in the heart, arrythmias, and also on valve disorders) on the matter... If you have any questions, you can ask here or PM me... Or just ask your doctor, lol.

  8. wow man it must be ironic that i have to say this but that is exactly how i discovered my heart murmur. i went for my freshman football physical at school and the lady failed me because i had a heart murmur, had to go to hospital for testing, got cleared. my doctor had cleared me before nd nothing about it. i asked him bout it and said its very common in athletes and its not serious at all, cant even notice it

    but wow i feel weird that i read that and had the same story
  9. I've always known about mine though, and so did my doctor... having to go was a fucking waste of time, I had to miss the second, third, and fourth days of practice. I was so pissed.

    And wouldn't you know it, on a stupid scrimmage (with a different team, though) before the game season even started, I threw out my arm (totally out of the sholder socket, that is)... pretty much for good. I still played all season, but it didn't really help my arm in sholder in the long run...
  10. i was also diognosed with a minor murmmer when i was about 15 at the start i thought that it was the hash but 10 years later im still here smokin

  11. I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time... You found out that your murmur wasn't serious, which is good... But sometimes a murmur can be a sign that there is something else going on with your heart that can be potentially fatal... Like an electrical problem for example...

    Most doctors miss it in athletes because they have a higher occurance of murmurs and also a slower heart rate (bradycardia)... Unfortunately, these can also be signs that you have an electrical problem in your heart that can send it into a fatal arythmia.

    Ever hear of someone dropping dead out of nowhere on the playing field, or during practice from Sudden Cardiac Death (sometimes referred to [though inacurrate] as a heart-attack)??? In most of these cases it's found that the deceased was born with congenital heart disease, or a nervous problem, that went unnoticed by the doctors... The only symptoms would have been... You guessed it... Slow heart rate or murmur... Or they could have no symptoms at all...

    So yeah... It's good that you got thoroughly checked - as it could have potentially saved your life. I know that was the case with me. I have a condition with my nervous system that could stop my heart (SCD) out of nowhere, and my only symptoms were a slow heart rate. I was just recently (I'm 23) diagnosed with a murmur when I was going for my Autonomic Nervous System testing, and the echo determined that my murmur is due to MVP and TVP as I said in an earlier post...

    But yeah...

    /Heart health 101, LOL :D
  12. The doctors from when I was born noticed it and said it would never cause problems, or even be a risk.

    Every doctor since, once they had managed to actually hear it, agreed.

    I'd already known it was fine, the doctor who sent me to the hospital for it did too. Infact, when I got there, they didn't do any other tests that already hadn't been done. The same doctor [who sent me] had cleared me on physicals for two years before he sent me, when I played football in Jr. High.

    It was more of a thing for either mine or the doctors insurance policy, it had no real practical use 'cept making me miss several crucial days of practice :p It also may have been more for the schools policies too.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, I've witnessed someone drop dead on a football feild from an unchecked heart. One of my coaches was the guy who carried him off the feild.
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    I have MVP/bicuspid valve and the left side of my heart is enlarged to compensate for the moderate regurgitation with the MVP. Docotrs say I can't lit weights though.

    I duno weather I can get high safely though, my heart doctor never said to stay away from it but he said it makes my heart work hard. like when I get really high my heart rate can be up to 200bpm and blood pressure at 170/80, then goes down and bp at 110/70 after about 2 hours.

    I've only gotten that high about 2 times in that past 2 years and all my other highs (maybe about 30, have only been mild to moderate as in my heartrate only at 120, and eyes never even gotten red).

    My mom ended calling the amulance the last time I got high (vaped too much, got right fucking baked) my heartrate was 200, bp at 180/70, iragular beats, was getting palpitations or something, hands and face lost bunch of circulation and because of my condition I went tot he hospital, otherwise I wouldnt have but I wasnt risking it.

    I'm not sure if that was bad for it though. Probably... So i'm to scared to get more then mildly high now which really sucks.

    I see my new cardiologist in october so I might just have to wait till then to find out. :'(

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