heart going crazy after smoking, need advice

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    it all started at my friends house this monday. We went to blaze and i wanted to try some of the vaped keif that i had kept because it looked somewhat like hash and looked smoke-able. So we pull out the pisser(gravity bong) and my friend takes a hit as im cutting up this little brick about a half inch by a half inch. Chop it all up and have a bit of difficulty because it was kinda soft and sticky. Pack a little bit of weed in the bowl and then top it with all of this, it was vape poo right so couldn't have been that potent right? (i thought)

    i brew my toke and rip it and walk over to the window and right beside i magged out. i couldnt make it to the window cus i have so much smoke in me. Any ways i start dying after the toke like coughing like ive never coughed before. I start to calm down and just chill.
    About 20 mins later we go upstairs think that were going into his hottub so we get all ready. Just about to go in and my chest starts pounding. And i mean pounding, like if you were standing beside me and my shirt was off you could see my chest pounding and might even be able to hear it. So i start to panic a bit because nothing has even happened like this to me before and my chest is almost exploding.
    I wait a minute and then tell my buddy and he feels my chest and it like holy thats crazy man like he is freaking out too. We then proceed to show his grandma who also think that this it bad and decides to call my mom. Things kept escalading like this, his grandma called my mom and my family came over and then the inevitable my moms says "lets call an ambulance".

    So we did and i waited about 20 mins when i heard sirens, looked outside and saw them whizzing by. At this point im like fuck the government theyr stupid and my mom calls back and tells them what happened. Apparently they had a "higher risk" situation and were gunna send another one for me. So like 40 mins later they show up with their equipment and get me all hooked up to their machine. My heart rate was at 140 at that point and was defiantly a lot lower then when it had started 40 mins ago.

    I get all strapped up and put in the ambulance, and were on our way. Paramedic asks some questions and i answer them and he does some work like puts in an iv ect. You guys gotta remember at this point im ripped from the weed and am kinda outta it

    So we get to the hospital and my heart rate is a little lower at about 110 but still high. get checked out doctor ask me some question and i take a blood/urin test which i know they'd probably test for drugs but didn't care and couldn't do anything about it. Layed there for a long ass time until a doctor came asked me questions and eventually i told them that i had smoked weed and they said this probably is what caused it. my heart rate had fallen to a normal 75ish and i was feeling fine, about 4 houres after it had started.

    I am 18 years old and have been smoking daily for about 2 years and nothin like this has ever happened. Truly a scary moment for me and i cannot believe that this was caused by smoking a bit of weed.

    tl;dr i smoked some vaped keif and my chest started pounding, heart rate doubled and could have even tripled. when to the hostpital and they said it was probably cus of the weed.
  2. Next time chill the fuck out
  3. i was very chill until my chest started pounding like crazy outta no where, not to mention that my chest was gettin very hot
  4. i would also like to know why cannabis could have caused this problem and what i should do to avoid this ever happening again. If stopping blazing is the answer then so be it. My heart rate probably reached 200 and this is outta control
  5. too big of a hit? you said you were like full of smoke, the way you said it kinda made it seem like that hit was stronger (and harsher?) than normal. I dunno, I can kind of see that being the problem :confused_2:
  6. dude thats an effect of weed. My heart rate always increase, especially if im ripping some kief.

    I cant believe youve smoked for 2 years daily just to find this out now. My guess is it was some form of anxiety attack. have you ever had one? if not then thats most likely it...
  7. you are hyperventilating, drink some watter eat some placebos and relax.
  8. Smoking and/or drinking and getting in a hot tub is not smart from a medical standpoint. Now, having said that, I work out high and my hr runs 200. (Still not smart but if I had to go, I'd choose to go high.)
  9. thanks for the imput guys. i knew that increased heart rate was a symptom of smoking but not to this extent. like my chest was pounding. The hit i took was very big as someone mentioned, never took a hit like this one before. So is this a normal problem? should i continue to smoke weed or should i stop? ive never has an anxiety ever before so im not sure this could have been one, very scary for me i thought i was gunna die or something which probably made it 10x worse.
  10. your gonna be fine to keep smokeing. just take it easy know your limits, and remember it isnt a contests! just have fucking fun!
  11. :laughing: Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, man. It's just I went through this as well. About a year back. I FREAKED. Went to the hospital and all. Managed to rack up 10k in hospital bills as well. Just chill, man. It was an anxiety attack. It happened to me at age 20 and I had been smoking for years. I don't know if you are having any after effects as I was but, if you are, here are some things that helped me out:

    1.) My heart rate was EVERYWHERE. The day of the incident I reached 211BPM. AFTER the incident if I would even get out of bed my shit would shoot to the upper 100s. I went out (had my dad go actually. Great man) and bought a watch that I can test my HR on. Man, that helped SO FUCKING MUCH! I would check it every few seconds (serious) but I somehow felt comforted by it. Even if my HR was a bit high... Watching it on my watch calmed me down a bit and would drop it after a few seconds. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    PS. I used the shit out of the watch the first time I tried smoking after my incident and man... life saver. Really consider it, bro.

    2.) They (docs) hooked me up with some Adivan (sp?). I popped about 20 during the whole 2 month long ordeal. Worked like a charm but man can you feel when those bastards wear off. Look for some herbal tea or anything over the counter, though. They also helped me.

    3.) STAY AWAY FROM THE GANJ IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU ARE READY! It took me 8 months to finally accept the fact there was NOTHING wrong with me and it was ok for me to smoke again. Haven't looked back since!

    Another thing...

    Since the incident I have had short trips that feel like another major anxiety attack coming on. I just drink some water... breathe in deep....

    and rip the bowl :smoke: .

    You're ok, dude. Just relax :) .
  12. solog35 thanks for your post, i like to relate to other people and its good to see that this has happened to someone else. I would like to get one of those watches, it would help me feel better even thought it doesnt so anything helpful, just like to keep my eye on things. I think ill take a break too and when i feel ready i will try it again
  13. Yea bro I did not read it, But marijuana kind of does increase your heart rate. I have been having panic attacks for a little over a year now. I am starting to distinguish the difference between a panic attack and a big hit. I found lowering the tobacco ratio in my bud to 0 helped a lot but I am guessing as an Canadian you already smoke green.

    I refuse to believe MJ is hurting me so it makes me worry less
  14. KS10 you need to understand that weed is like a pharmaceutical medicine and just like all medicines you can take too high of a dose and over-dose. When you over-dose it can cause serious side-effects. Take smaller doses of milder weed and stay away from concentrates. You now know that you have limitations with this drug so act accordingly. See how that goes and if you still have problems then stay away from it.
    I had a heart condition called Wolf Parkinson White syndrome and what that conditions causes is almost instantaneous rapid heart beat. There was no build up just, bam and my heart was racing as fast as it would go. Eventually a procedure was done that was called an ablation procedure and it completely cured the problem. That may be something you need to investigate should the rapid heart beat start up when you are not smoking weed.
    But it sounds to me that you took way too high of a dose of a concentrate, totally filled your lungs with smoke and caused your heart to over react. People seem to think they need to take huge hits and hold it in for long periods of time. THC is absorbed in the lungs almost instantaneously so there is no need to hold in the smoke. Inhale and then exhale. Go slow, take it easy and have fun.
  15. You smoked way to much. Cut down and youll be fine.
  16. I'm 18 years old and an EMT, and I'd be pisses as hell when I left this call. Fuck ALS gets called and we're thinking you're a serious hypertensive emergency at minimum and probably something worse.

    For weed. lol.
  17. if u had just layed down and chilled for a bit u wouldve been fine. no need for hospital lol.. a fast beating heart is a normal effect, damn u must be new. its straight though we all were at some point
  18. LMFAO. Chill, stop getting so panicky.
  19. thanks alot this is very helpful. i did smoke way too much because i thought it wasnt very strong, shoulda known what i was getting into before i smoked it. This was a truly embarassing moment for me because i kinda knew it was because of the weed but my family wanted to call the hospital, if it were up to me i waould have waited a bit to calm down

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