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heart beats fast and uncomfortably when im high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by KYstoner91, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys ive actually read alot of threads on here and never realized i should create an account until i couldnt find a question i wanted to be answered. i know everybody gets that little paranoid feeling when your heart beats and u can feel it beating fast in your chest and it makes u uncomfortable. i was wondering is there anything you can do to relieve this feeling or something you can do to not get that paranoid feeling? everytime i tell myself dont worry youre just high..youve been high hundreds of other times.. i start to think like oh my gosh what if that weed was different somehow? and i get all paranoid haha
  2. Do something that will distract you from thinking all those paranoid thoughts. I suggest watching a movie or playing some video games.
  3. those are always great things to do hahaha
  4. yepp, the more you concentrate on other stuff the less likely you will start thinking about things like your heart beating really fast and paranoid thoughts.
  5. Just dont think about it! I notice when Im high, and I think of things like ''man Im hungry'', it makes me even hungrier... so same with your heartbeat problem, just try and ignor it, think of food, videogames, movies, sex, whatever intrest you...
    Good luck man!
  6. just get ur heart removed.. u know kinda like when people take out their appendexi
  7. Something you can do to not get that paranoid feeling? When you get it, recognize in your mind that you caused it and laugh at it.

    Works for me

  8. A) Watch a movie
    B) Talk to some friends
    C) Lie down in bed with the lights off and listen to music
  9. Try smoking a little less. I used to get this alot and if I could go back in time and give myself advise that would be it. Better highs and more weed in the end!
  10. I'm guessing you're quite knew?
    Me too, the same thing happened to me when I started out too - very prominent ear rinigng, head spinning and heart beat.

    Although I think it's because I was really edgy and nervous.

    It's something you get used to after a while, once you adjust to the effects of your herb, you begin to appreciate the positive aspects and completely forget about any supposed negatives such as increased heart rate. Not really a problem as such, just don't think about it and your body will adjust itself.

    It's like the first time you tried a whiskey, it may taste vile and make you gag at first, but eventually you may begin to enjoy certain blends and varieties.
  11. yess. this is by far the best advice aobut OP's problem. i used to have paranoid shit happen to me all the time. but once i learned to just make a little chuckle at everything. it give me a little happy boost. and makes everfything good.
  12. Your heart could be beating faster just because you are worried it will. Either calm yourself with knowledge or like was said just get it removed ;)
  13. You could have a bad heart. I feel this sometimes too and Ive been a fat kid since I was a child, that's what I always thought the problem was.
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  14. fast heart beat huh?

    if you're smoking weed that gets you THAT high, ALL THE TIME.....I'd be happy about that.:cool:

    just cut back a bit.
  15. nah right fifth time i done it had about 3js right felt bad and i was sick, heart was beating like shit puking everywere but ure suppost to eat alot before u do it and u shud be ok but not too much (fifth time i done it eat nothin that day) (what u just described is stoned badly.), also dont eat if ure stoned drink water, if you high eat but not too much because ure body dosent realise how much u eating and u cant feel it n u may puke also dont have slush puppies (dont turn out too nice), try to keep to shade if stoned but if high just chill have a laugh forget about all problems. (stoned normally lasts 1-3hours) (high normally lasts 1n a half hours -2hours).
  16. your just buggin, shit.
  17. what do u mean by bad heart?
  18. Same shit happens to me sometimes when I am sitting in class! Just take deep breaths through your mouth and calm down, works for me
  19. I have the same problem that bothered me like for 2 months and then( heart starts pounding very hard and fast i can even hear it in my ears) then i just said to my self its just paranoia the more you think about your heart the more it will pound and the more you will feel it. You just need to tell yourself its just paranoia and forget about it, for me the best way is to TALK with people or go for a WALK but i promise you it will go away. Once it pounded so hard and fast i thougt i will get a heart attack, DUDEEE just dont think about it and TALK, talking will help you to focus on other things and forget about your heart, you will see when you talk you will forget it but after a while you will remember ohh my heart doesent pound anymore and then you will concentrate again on your heart and it will start pounding, you just need to forget and do random shit you would do when youre not high I PROMISE IT WILL GO AWAY [its all in your head ]

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