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Heart beating fast when smoking pot

Discussion in 'General' started by spacejungleboy, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking pot for about a year and a half now,
    and I smoked few cones about 4-5 days a week

    and just recently my heart has been beating fast when I smoke pot.

    To me in sounds anxiety related but I'm not too sure.

    I haven't smoked pot for about a month now.

    Will I ever be able to smoke pot comfortably again?

    Please Help
  2. Relax man. If you're been smoking for a while and took a break, could have just been the initial "shock" of smoking again. Also could be strain-related. Elevated heart levels is a very common side effect. Actually more surprised you've never experienced this before when smoking, but did your strain change? Perhaps try another strain and see what happens. Don't smoke as much next time, see what happens.

    If it doesn't go away, I suggest roll with it and go work out. Hell, you're "pumped up" anyway. :D

    (DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. Always consult with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise program.)
  3. This is nothing serious at all. This is usually what scares first time smokers. You just have an elevated heart rate and since your high it just feels like its about to bust out your chest. Just remember that no one has died from marijuana and enjoy your high
  4. Thanks man!
    I have expirenced this before
    But the last 4 times smoking it I expirenced this each time
    and whats even more strange,
    the fast beating starts after only one cone
    and after that I don't smoke any more
  5. It happens to me sometimes, just try not to get freaked out and like Mstrmatthew said, remember that no one has ever died from MaryJane and just roll with it.
  6. Yes, it is quite common to encounter an increase in heart rate. This can be exacerbated by stress in response to the cannabis induced heart rate increase. If you bear in mind that an increase in heart rate is nothing unusual for the initial phase of the high, hopefully you won't experience that 'freak out' element, and it won't be so noticeable or of concern.

    I know this is going to happen to me when I finally smoke some good bud again. But as for any drug you just have to remember that you're the one in charge, you decided to take the drug and to have a good experience, and you are able to keep things that way by staying in perspective. Those thoughts are good to combat drug induced anxiety.
  7. One thing I didn't mention.. I've had chest pains for about 3 months.
    Doctors have checked it out and think its nothing serious so I guess thats ok. Besides its going away slowly!

    maybe this has something to do with the increased heart rate?
    prehaps I shouldn't be smoking weed with these chest pains?

    although I was still smoking alot with chest pains but only recently the increased heart rate come on

    but I've decided to stay off if untill these chest pains are completly better then hopefully I can smoke comfortably again.

    But one things for sure, I certainly don't want to stop smoking just yet, I'm only 19, I have much more living to do!
  8. Maybe you've just got really bad indigestion or heartburn or something.

    Try some Gaviscon :)
  9. I've tried lots of different things to try and relieve it,
    but nothing really works :(
    oh welll
    its almost better anyway!
  10. Nah mine does too. reality is, your heartrate increases 20-30 beats per min when youre high. no worries. But if you start to panic, thats 30 beats can turn to 50 because youre stoned. So chill out. ive actually typed in "beautiful landscape" into google before to calm myself down :p
  11. Well man, I had some similar shit happen to me, I've been smoking on and off for almost 10 years now but for the last 5 I smoked pretty much everyday all day and about a year ago now I started getting crazy bad chest pain and my heart would race every time I smoked and it got to the point where smoking just sucked because of how scary it would get...

    Well eventually the chest pain kept getting worse even when I wasn't smoking and I finally went to the E.R. after 5 months of the shit and found out I had a partially collapsed lung the entire time. I'm not saying that's what you have, but it is a possibility as I had the same shit just start happening to me for no reason. Also they said that the lung collapse probably wasn't from smoking but it was just spontaneous.
  12. that doesn't good? :(
    although you say your chest pains got worse?
    mine have slowly gotten better
    but it has been a fucking long time...
    what causes lungs to collapse?
  13. one thing i noticed when im really high i will be laying on my bed like totally meltin and what not and i can feel my heart beat real well, i think its just the high feeling and then feeling you heart beating which seemed like it was beating faster, but then agian it is illegal and the adreniline of smoking it was probabaly gettin to you..
  14. Your chest pains could be from smoking. Increased heart rate is a side-effect of being high.

    These are normal feelings
  15. Yeah, I thought it was normal for your heart to beat fast after smoking :confused:
  16. Hey man I was worried about the same thing and I've noticed there is only one way to stop it from beating fast. Smoke more! It started with my friend smoking all my shit in a blunt I was high already but then was like fuck you im smoking my shit haha then I was even more baked without the heart problem. Hope this helps lol
  17. my heart always beats really fast when i smoke, it always has ever since i started. i just got used to it but lately it's been getting worse or maybe i've just been more paranoid lately, and i dont like smoking a full sized bowl anymore because i just feel like freaking out afterwards. i think it might be related to my asthma though, i stopped taking my daily medicine for awhile and i tried it a few times and then smoked later and i seemed to be better.

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