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Heart Beating Beating Really Fast, Cant Sit Still, Hearing Weird Sounds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Xcuz, May 20, 2013.

  1. Last night me and my brother smoked around 4 large gravity bong hits each. I was feeling really high. Probably as high a I've ever been. Then around an hour in to my high I noticed that my heart beat was extremely fast. This might sound weird but I also kept feeling as if something was like inside my face.

    Later I went to my room and tried to go to sleep, but I payed in bed for about 3 hours before falling asleep. My heart was still beating extremely fast and I couldn't sit still to go sleep. I wasn't turning over, I was just having these little random spasms. Also when I closed my eyes it was like I was tripping out, but not exactly. Kinda hard to explain. I never had any medical help as I assumed it was all in my head and it would go away when I wasn't high. This experience has kinda made me scared to smoke again as I think this happen again. Can anyone explain why this happened? Or any advise?
  2. well seeing your took 4 gravity hits, you prolly got super messed up.. more than usual.. when you toke again just smoke a fraction of that amount and you should be fine. you got super blazed bro.
  3. Weed makes your heartrate increase, it's normal. Just relax. Focus on mellowing out instead of on anything bad that can happen. Paranoia is a side effect as well, just relax.
  4. It wasn't just that I legitimately thought there was something moving in my face and I couldn't sit completely still.
  5. Panic Attack? Smoke less
  6. I had a bad new neck before, it was stiff and i couldnt look to the left ATALL. So i had a few pipe hits thinking it would take away the pain, i sat there for about an hour feeling like i couldnt move my head atall, it was some scary shit haha. You proberly just whityed :smoke:
  7. weed makes your heart beat faster we all know that the more you smoke the more you can have a h atact but were talking like 5 ounces or somthing
  8. Dude I had the same thing. Huge bong hits then very fast heart rate! I tried to close my eyes and take deep breathes but I felt like I couldn't open my eyes for like an hour! It's just a panick attack from smoking way too much.  For a while I was scared to smoke again, but like everyone else says smoke a smaller amount and you will be fine. Nobody's ever died from weed.
  9. I know how you where feeling, same thing happened to me with cannabutter! It's all good just anxiety. Anxiety can cause you to feel like you are hallucinating because you're focusing too much on your inner workings, i.e. heart rate, breathing, all it is is your senses are heightened. You're good though.
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    dude that shit happens to me a lot bro don't sweat it. 
    but the problem for me is that if i get any less high it's not enjoyable at all really i'm just buzzed. When I'm high these symptoms don't occur, but the high lasts for like 25minutes and it's just not long enough. It happens when I'm baked, but I don't like this feeling@!
    ^This. It happens to me a lot when i lay down it feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest and I toss and turn a bit until it settles down. Don't worry man it is normal. Remember your high increases your awareness when you are laying in the dark that is amplified. :)
  12. Sounds like a panic attacks to me, it's fairly common. Try not stress over it man, it just makes it ten times worse when you start over analyzing everything. 
  13. You got REALLY fucking high. I know it's really weird, and kind of scary, but once it happens a few times, it's not really going to be as intense ever again, and you're gonna be looking for it to be like that... Smoke a shit ton next time and try to reason with yourself because you are just high as all hell :p
  14. OP, enjoy that while it lasts.
    lmao, reminds me of this time I smoked this strong ass spice my friend gave me...but instead of something in my face, I heard this weird alien like noise in my stomach, and when I wiggled, it was gone, so I stood up, and then I kept hearing this loud, non stop buzzing noise right inside my ear, and I freaked the fuck out, I ran outside, and backed away from my house slowly like it was haunted or something. I still don't know to this day if my neighbors saw me...I hope they didn't...
  16. OP, do some more drugs and you won't freak out so much.
  17. I've had something similar.
    You just got incredibly stoned and had a panic attack because of it. Trust me you'll be fine next time u get really high unless thinking too much.
  18. I fucking love getting that high... Nothing like when I did 20 triple c's smoke 2 kush blunts with my friends and went to my grandmas, my heart rate was wild...but all that is man is you building a tolerance is all... Fuck don't listen to these people smoke that much again and see where you're at. You aren't gonna die from it obviously and you may actually enjoy it this time. but all these symptoms have happened to me before completely normal you arent a freak of nature lol.
  19. Here's what you need to do and I'm serious. Tell your heart to stop beating fast trust me calming words help. Then go outside and run and laugh. You need to run it off or you'll never sleep.

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