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heart attack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ard, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. a few years ago on 4-20 i had been up for about 2-3 days on adderall and smoked ONE bowl of this beautiful High Times-quality bud. my body was weak and tired already from being up so long, and my heart rate was already high and once the weed began to fully take effect my heart rate went through the roof and I experienced what i can only describe as a stroke ( this awful ringing pulsating sensation went from the tip of my head all the way down to my toes very slowly.) i was rocking back and forth, bawling my eyes out, scared as hell!

    everything eventually calmed down and i made it out alive but ever since then everytime i smoke it no longer chills me out quite like it used to. It makes my heart rate go up (not dangerously high, but pretty high) and i get this weird breathing pattern (almost like my diaphragm is spazzing out)

    anyone else ever experience anything like this? Maybe its just a weak heart or faulty wiring or something. let me know
  2. don't mix drugs.
  3. its the adderall dude.
  4. Marijuana is okay to mix with most things. You might get dizzy when you mix it with alcohol though.

  5. It probably wasn't a "heart attack" . You most likely experienced a panic attack, ive had them in the past sort of just like yours except with the crying lol :D:wave:
  6. Uhm, your heart rate does increase when you get high...
    That's why time seems to slow down...
  7. You experienced a panic attack
  8. To stop the fast pace when smoking, just don't think about it. Unless the adderall fucked you up it was just a panic attack and your still conciously or sub consiously anxious about it happening again. Concentrate on the rest of your body and your high, and realise that you actualy feel awsome then find somthing you love doing and do it.
  9. Haha maybe you shouldn't stay up for days on adderall
  10. Definitely not a heart attack. If you're heart had stopped, you'd have needed to call 911. People don't just have a heart attack then get up and walk away. Also weed could never cause a heart attack as a heart attack is not caused by a fast beating heart it's caused by a clot in the heart, similarly a stroke is cause by a clot in the brain. Marijuana does not thicken blood nor cause it to clot even when mixed with other drugs.
  11. Thats not true, my step dad had a heart attack and he drinks a lot and went a whole week drinking as much as he normally did then went to the hospital and found out what happened was a heart attack
  12. Yeah my grandfather had been feeling like shit. He thought he just had a really bad cold. It turned out that he had a heart attack. Good thing though, because if he hadn't gotten it checked out, the doctor said the next one would have been a massive heart attack and killed him.
  13. I've had those panic attacks too, especially with ritalin or adderall. Hell even coke doesn't make me feel as bad as those prescription drugs. Mixing them with weed tends to make things worse if you're snorting add meds, which is why I would advise only swallowing whatever is a prescribed dose and not use it recreationally.

    Onto heart attacks. Not all heart attacks are like they depict in movies, where the guy feels so much pain he can't do anything but fall do the ground. Heart attacks vary and you could have one without knowing it or you could have a life threatening one with lots of pain. They are pretty rare in younger people though. I knew when to quit that shit and I only do stuff that doesn't make me feel like that.
  14. Well Adderall does increase your heart rate at a very significant amount, Smoking MJ raises your heartrate for the first hour or so.
  15. That made me LOL. Time perception is affected because of how THC affects the brain, not because your heartrate increases. THC *does* cause a slight heartrate increas but that has NOTHING to do with changes in time perception.

    The amount of misinformation on this site can be astounding sometimes.
  16. although it's true, you can have a small heart attack without knowing, more than likely this wasn't it, and it definitely wasn't a stroke either. you would have had more adverse effects other than an increased HR, weird breathing pattern, and pulsing sensation from head to toe. a stroke is caused by insufficient blood supply to your brain, most often resulting in some sort of vision loss, unable to speak/understand speech, numbness/weakness in one side of the body, or loss of consciousness. I'm not a doctor by any means, but I'm willing to bet it was due to exhaustion. I recently read staying up for 24 hours is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .08, I think.and as said above, now you're sub-consciously thinking about it everytime you smoke, causing you to not relax. your brain has an unbelievable way of manipulating your experiences by the power of your thoughts. take for instance the reported studies of cancer patients being able to decrease cancer cells merely by "imagining" their bodies fighting and beating the cancer cells.

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