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Heart attack vs panic attack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oherroprease, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. How would you tell the difference if you experienced one of them after smoking? As far as I know the symptoms are VERY similar. As a toker with a heart condition I'm pretty concerned. I've never had a heart attack nor a panic attack and hope I never do. But how would I know whether to just chill until it goes away or dial 911?

    The reason I'm asking is because I know that cannabis can increase you're heart rate (doesn't affect me much) and causes blood pressure to become low.
  2. with a heart attack you cant feel you left arm, it goes numb, and you are sweating cold sweat even if its not very hot where you are. besides that there may be a stitch in your chest. a panic attack is is just your heart raceing.
  3. It can be very difficult to differentiate the two.

    Heart attack symptoms: Know what's a medical emergency -
    and women have different heart attack symptoms from men, which makes things more confusing.

  4. Dude that'd be sketchy smoking weed with a heart condition, I used to get really bad panic attacks when smoking pot , and most them were because my heart was racing uncontrollably fast and I thought I was having a heart attack. Be careful man.
  5. I'm not saying youll never have one of those, especially if you actually have a heart condition.
    But the chances you'll have one while stoned is very unlikely. If you've smoked more than once, then you'll probably never have a panic attack, they say you get an increased heart rate, but being a seasoned toker, or even a beginner you'll just feel chilled, aka stoned...

    Don't sweat it brotha
  6. Paranoid = You're freaking out. You're acting crazy. You're a mad man.
    Hart Attack = You're dying. You're going spastic, you're really off.

    I think I see differences in behavior.
  7. What kind of heart condition do you have?
  8. I'm not sure what a heart attack feels like but I have had panic attacks before sober and high. You basically just freak out and you don't feel like you are in control of anything. And it will feel like your heart is racing and its hard to breath. If I have a panic attack what helps is going outside, a glass of water, food, taking deep breaths, talking to someone or tea.
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    I've had several anxiety attacks, but never had one while high. In fact, I feel calm when high. I too was worried that marijuana would cause panic attacks.

    I recognize a panic attack. I feel heaviness in my throat and chest, my heart feels like it's pounding, my mind starts to race and I have to work really hard on calming myself down. Sometimes it spins out of control and I freak out, but most of the time I can calm down before it gets bad. Prescription medication helps too.

    Call 911 if you have ANY symptoms that worry you, especially because you have a heart condition. It's better to get checked out for nothing than to cause severe damage to your heart.

    Once you have an anxiety attack, you will be able to recognize it if it happens again. The first time it happens, it's ok to call 911 for help. They wont lecture you on smoking weed. I told an ER doctor that I smoke weed and she responded with a smile on her face and said it wasn't related to my illness. ER doctors don't give a crap about that stuff. Their job is to treat you and 20 other emergency patients.

    Smoke some herb and take it easy :)
  10. I've had only four panic attacks. When I had my three worst ones, I was in bad company. In the case of the other one, my heart was beating mad fast and I had chest pains and I thought I was having a hard attack because of that. I was with my best friend that time and he helped me relax before I really started bugging out:
  11. [quote name='"smr312"']with a heart attack you cant feel you left arm, it goes numb, and you are sweating cold sweat even if its not very hot where you are. besides that there may be a stitch in your chest. a panic attack is is just your heart raceing.[/quote]

    ...unfortunately no. Everyone experiences symptoms differently, and the symptoms may also change based on what area of the heart is infarcting. As tharedhead stated, women generally experience Atypical symptoms when compared to men of the same age range. And you also can't state that "a panic attack is just your heart racing" I've personally seen many panic attacks that can resemble life-threatening scenarios and even to the point of causing airway issues. As for the OP, if you don't mind me asking, what heart rhythm do you live with daily? That could help discern the situation, but as someone already stated, 911 is the safe route. Electrical and chemical imbalances are going to be your tell-tale signs of a true heart attack.
  12. [quote name='"skate-123"']What kind of heart condition do you have?[/quote]

    Aortic stenosis, basically the narrowing of my aortic valve. And thanks guys, I was just wondering because I saw an article somewhere about how it increases the chance of heart attack. I'm not sure by how much but do you think it would increase the risk more than say a cup of coffee or an energy drink?
  13. Well in a panic attack you won't have your left arm go numb and tingle with pain like you've never felt before. Your heart won't feel like it's failed.

    I've have anxiety attacks plenty of times, but I've never thought I've had a heart attack. A heart attack is a real physical type of problem, where as a panic attack would more or less be a mental issue that causes a variety of physical ailments: sweating, fluttering heart rate, shaking, etc. You could even pass out, which almost happened to me a few months ago. Stop reading things online that you "may" have. You're applying a diagnosis to a set of problems, rather than working out your problems to find a diagnosis.

  14. Yeh I was just wondering. I myself have pvcs pretty badly. Something like 30% of my heart beats are pvcs. the doctors say there benign but it always worries me lol.
  15. I know of two main panic attacks. The first one is when people get paranoid of being caught so they start to freak out. (Like you'll stare out the window for 20 minutes or something). The second kind is when you realize your heart rate is speeding up, so you freak out which makes your heart beat faster.

    Heart attacks = obvious pain in your heart, and left arm is numb. It would probably hurt. Panic attacks don't hurt, you just freak out.
  16. I had a panic attack two nights ago. I am on anti-anxiety meds and I've noticed that if I hit it too hard the first couple of times I smoke for the day (more than four hits from a bong the first two sessions of the day) I will have an attack.

    Here's what happened. I was listening to music and noticed it lost it's "glow" and sounded kind of tinny. Then I notice that my heart is racing. Internal dialogue:

    "Panic attack?"
    "It's got to be a panic attack"
    "I don't know man, my heart is racing really fast"
    "What if I die?"

    And that is when I know its time to get up and move around. Took the dogs outside and played fetch for about five minutes. Felt better almost immediately.
  17. I'd rather have a panic attack.
    I could get good/desirable and popular meds for that:cool:

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