Hearing your parents fuck...

Discussion in 'General' started by bamf64, May 9, 2011.

  1. im in my room right now watching tv and i can clearly hear the bed bouncing and her bf going ohhhhhh yeaahhh....mega awkkkkkkk

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Glad my parents are divorced, nope but that really sucks for you.
  3. Don't cockblock your mom on mother's day..

    Older people/parents have needs, just go for a drive.
  4. rofl ... *feelsbadforyou but still laughs kinda moment
  5. I'll occasionally knock on my parents door and try to walk in, only to find it locked, and get a hasty, "What?!?!!?". I always say nevermind and walk away.
  6. hmmm...jerk off?

  7. I have never heard my parents having sex. I am thankful everyday
  8. happened quite a few times to my actually. good thing i have headphones.
  9. parents are people too
  10. Lies!!!

    I've never heard my birth givers have sex, but i've heard a few of my friends parents in the act.
  11. worddd but i think it would be worse if its a next dude banging ur mom instead of your birth fatha...

    kinda sucks for me to say, but i believe i have a child hood memory (around 10years old) of my mom riding my 'ex step-dad'.
    like walking in the room.

    the memory i kinda tried to 'block out' mentally but recalled it recentally

    i dunno i feel like the situation has alot to do with respect. and moms shouldnt be seen or heard getting fucked.
    thinking about it. the scenerio for a kid is a fucked up one. like what is a kid suppose to do with THOSE THOUGHTS when he goes in his room afterwards and thinks about it. why put the kid through that? when its akward as fuck to even discuss it for the most part

    but the rents dont care.. ill prob be the same way
  12. Imagine if you walked in your moms room n she was gettin nailed by 3 black guys :eek:

  13. Guy just won the thread.

  14. Imagine if she asked you if you wanted to join in.
  15. Go out side and smoke a bowl?

  16. weed makes everything better...

  17. have you ever smoked weed... [​IMG]
  18. This thread is hilarious . Yea I'm lucky that I've never heard my parents. Thank god

  19. i would disown that bitch as my mother so fast.

    and if i didnt. if we ever ended up in a arguement.. i would just be like 'remember the one time when....'

    even if it was 2 dudes-- any race.
  20. This thread title fits perfectly, yes OP i have head your parents get it on quite a few times. Quite a treat for the ears in my opinion.

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