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Hearing Voices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ToastedPBJ, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. So, I'm not really sure if I'm putting this in the right place or not but it said this was the area for questions.

    Anyway, has anyone heard voices when they were high? Like I keep hearing these voices but they sound kind of distant and like they are crying for help but I can't quite make out what they are saying. Sort of like they are talking through the TV in Poltergeist, only they definitely aren't talking out of TV. Don't worry, I checked. I unplugged all the TVs in my house to make sure. I mean it doesn't disturb me too much I guess. I suppose sometimes it can be a little less than pleasant but it's certainly tolerable. I was just wondering if anyone else has experience anything similar?
  2. I don't mean to freak you out or anything, but smoking can bring out an underlying condition you may not have been aware of before. You should probably talk to a doctor about this if it lasts
  3. dude it's happening to me too, sounds like my parents calling me because im so paranoid they are gonna catch me, like as if they were going to bust down the door right now and catch me or something ~_~

    what do you other blades think? :smoking: can't you self medicate anyway..
  4. happens if its silent and you are really high.
  5. It happens when you're paranoid and high :D
  6. ur trippin dawg
  7. also i've been using diphenhydramine.. man i hope i haven't done any perm. damage or induced that ,_,
  8. If you're living with your parents it's probably them in the other room getting their freaky deak on.

    Don't follow the voices though, just ignore them and they'll go away after they're done.... "talking".
  9. congratulations you have just contracted schizophrenia! lol
  10. When I'm high listening to music I can hear little underlying shit in the music, sometimes I'll actually feel the sounds go past my ear, but I've never heard random voices when it's quiet... if they are crying out for help maybe you should help them!?

  11. yeah dude... uhhhh are you serious what do you mean by that -_-

    and during night time like when i'm smoking and alone i'll feel like somethings out to get me... like if i walk all ninja i feel other shit moving like it's trying to haunt me or something.. :eek:
  12. In my experience, this sort of event can be controlled by you. I have heard voices before until I finally told myself they are fake and I don't care. I've also had episodes where I could hear voices and see shadowy figures surround my house at night. All of this completely went away when I accepted it. I have heard that MJ can bring to surface an underlying condition as schizophrenia. If I were you, I would try to just relax and tell yourself it's no big deal, they don't exist. If it keeps happening you may have to quit.
  13. don't worry about it to much. audible hallucinations aren't that uncommon. i hear like my friends voices and shit all the time when im suuuppppeeerrrr high. i also clearly hear music playing even when there is none playing at all.. its always the song "breathe" by pink floyd and i fucking HEAR it to like super clearly every word and everything. its pretty awesome.
  14. this happens to me a ton
  15. I thought I was the only that heard music when I'm stoned. :smoking: It happened to me the other day after smoking and I went to go take a shower and I randomly heard jazz playing out of nowhere.

    But yeah, it's not that uncommon to hear stuff sometimes. It can be fun also. :smoking:
  16. I dont know about voices, but if im in my bathroom toking, I always hear thumps like someones walking and then i get kinda paranoid about it, but its all in my head haha. Hmmm I also leave music playing when I'm in there...maybe its the bass. lol
  17. sometimes i hear singing sailors playing a little tune. kinda like in popeye and i can totally picture the sailors like singing and dancing and shit. i love it because i go along and sometimes hum the tunes. hahahaha
  18. A couple years ago when i was a noob i had a really wierd thing happen to me. One time when i thought my parents would instantly know i was high i was scared. I knew they were coming home and wanted to fall asleep before they walked in the door. I was laying in my bed paranoid and i kept on hearing the garage open which is loud and annoying. For the next month every time i was high i would hear garages opening hahaha
  19. Auditory hallucinations anyone?
    If you EVER hear voices (more than once) and are not under the influence of anything, SEE A DOCTOR.
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  20. yeah being baked off your ass can cause extreme paranoia to the point where your paranoid about haveing skitz and that can lead to audio "hallucinations" that dont really happen, its just kind of a side effect that you have to get used to. Learn to handle your paranoia and you'll be fine. If you are concerned about the voices, dont talk back. If you do talk back, see a psychiatrist

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