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Hearing voices, schizophrenia?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sOhio, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. So I received my MFLB yesterday and tested it out with some friends. Never smoked out of a bong or a vaporizer, and we had some very sticky purple diesel. Probably the highest I've ever been from smoking only .5g, and it was amazing. Anywho, had fun, went home, and I'm chillin in my basement when I hear my mom call my name pretty faintly. I yelled 'WHAT' upstairs, and I hear her repeat my name. I said what at least 4 times, when suddenly, my Dad calls downstairs 'Who are you talking to?' I sat there stunned for a second, but responded I'm on the phone with a friend and managed to get away with it.

    I didn't think much of it as it only happened once and I was pretty high. Well earlier today I decided to use my vaporizer again to kill the rest of the weed that was left over. I sat in my room putting eye drops in when I heard sort of a mumble from behind me and I jumped and dropped the eye drops. My back was about 2 feet away from my wall, and nothing was there. Well I finished putting the eye drops in, and I decided to play guitar a little to relax and get my mind off of things. I was playing when I heard my Dad's voice (clear as ever, definitely his voice, and it sounded really close, not outside my room or anything, like he was right in front of me) say 'How was school?' and I stopped playing and looked around, nothing still. I left my room and asked my Mom where my Dad was, and he was still at work.

    I'm not sure if I'm over thinking things and imagining this stuff or this is real. Any help guys?
  2. well honestly with my experience (my mom was and is schizophrenic) you dont realize you are until someone tells you. my moms weird though and she will go through a complete melt down and end up in the hospital talking to voices and stuff. then like 2 weeks later she will get on meds and be better then she will realize what happened. so honestly idk if its normal to hear voices and know your schizophrenic. maybe talk to someone about it??
  3. I can't tell anyone, nobody in my family knows I smoke, and I doubt any of my friends would believe me. I just want to believe I was high and just tripped a little bit, but I don't want to turn out to be schizophrenic and have the reason by smoking because then everyone will know I smoked, and it isn't good family reputation to smoke weed.
  4. Ask about it you don't have to say you were smoking when it happend

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  5. Actually, i get this also. I hear faint voices and altered sounds when i'm high. Also I can hear voices when i read and i'm high. Not just me i guess?

  6. That's a good idea. I just feel really weird about it, and I honestly believe nobody will believe me, I'll just keep it to myself I guess :p

  7. Dude don't you even worry about it.

    A common side effect of getting really out-of-your-mind torched happens to be auditory hallucinations :p

    When I smoke enough of dat indica, I sometimes hear pipe organs playing in the distance. Very very clearly, too. Just playing random notes.
  8. What he said, I got off a T-break and smoked some dank and sworn I heard some Drake song my friend denied ever hearing it lol.

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  9. This is really nice to know because it was really freaking me out. I'll respond the next time I herb up~

  10. We all get freaked out sometimes, man.

    I love hearing shit because it means I know I'm fucked :hello:
  11. You were just mega baked. :smoke:

    It's your subconscious punishing you for now having music on.
  12. My only experience with schizophrenia and weed was when I was sitting stoned in my room and I swear I could hear the pokemon healing sound over and over again.. I called my brother in to hear it, he didnt hear anything, it was pretty trippy but it got to you after 20 minutes. Never really again since then, that was after a 2 week tolerance break (not by choice)
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    my first time getting stoned i heard extreme ways by moby completely in my head lol and other times ive heard like a rushing static sound like from a tube tv.. my mind also twists existing sounds that freak me out occasionally. i just try to figure it out rationally and usually i do, then i laugh my ass off about it. always when im really baked tho. i wouldnt worry til you start hearing shit when youre not high.
  14. you were just high bro don't worry
  15. Hey, if the only experiences that you're concerned about are the auditory hallucinations, then you probably have nothing to worry about. Hallucinations are a pretty common thing to experience if you're really baked, so don't let them freak you out! Just roll with it and enjoy your high!:smoke:I have had a few visual/auditory hallucinations myself.

    Also, remember that hallucinations are kinda part of being human sometimes. In Charles Bonnet Syndrome, mentally healthy people with vision loss experience hallucinations as their brain fills in the lost sense of vision, and it's possible to experience hallucinations with a high fever, or as a result of migraines. And sometimes people experience hallucinations even if they're totally sober and healthy.

    And as far as schizophrenia goes, it's a very complex and consuming psychoactive disorder that usually wouldn't allow an individual to consider or acknowledge that they had the disorder unless they went through a boat load of therapy. So, by questioning whether the hallucination is schizophrenia, you're kinda proving that you don't have it. Additionally, an individual suffering from schizophrenia usually experiences multiple symptoms besides hallucination. Specifically, to be diagnosed, a person would have to experience symptoms for at least 6 months, during which for at least 1 month the person experiences delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, or catatonic behavior to the point that it impairs their occupational/social functioning.

    If you're really still worried about it and it's causing you anxiety, maybe see about talking to a professional about it, but, based on your description, your experience was totally normal! So relax and enjoy your herb :hello:

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