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  1. What's Up GC,
    I'm going through Agricultural School and have met a good deal of individuals doing indoors grows... Just what they are growing isn't the same thing we discuss on this forum. What has been surprising me is that many of these people that buy indoor grow equipment (HPS lights, Hydro Systems, ect..) Have been getting visits from unwanted guests, those guests being Drug Interdiction Units. I'm no longer feeling comfortable ordering seeds let alone even posting on this site if 40-50 year old couples are being raided by police just for items they purchased over the internet.
    Nobody I work or go to school with knows what I do during my free time so I cannot discuss this with anybody I know personally, but what is GC's take on this?  

    really now...got any evidence/proof?
    or is this pandor's box rumor mill stuff?
  3. Man there is no boogie man out to get your ass.
    Smoke indica not paranoia inducing sativa.
  4. I realize I'm coming off as a troll but I'm simply trying to warn other growers along with find out if anyone has similar experiences. I'll try to find proof that won't give any personal details about myself. 
  5. Be Careful....Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid


    LEAWOOD, Kan. (AP) - Two former CIA employees whose Kansas home was fruitlessly searched for marijuana during a two-state drug sweep claim they were illegally targeted, possibly because they had bought indoor growing supplies to raise vegetables.

    Adlynn and Robert Harte sued this week to get more information about why sheriff's deputies searched their home in the upscale Kansas City suburb of Leawood last April 20 as part of Operation Constant Gardener - a sweep conducted by agencies in Kansas and Missouri that netted marijuana plants, processed marijuana, guns, growing paraphernalia and cash from several other locations.

    April 20 long has been used by marijuana enthusiasts to celebrate the illegal drug and more recently by law enforcement for raids and crackdowns. But the Hartes' attorney, Cheryl Pilate, said she suspects the couple's 1,825-square-foot split level was targeted because they had bought hydroponic equipment to grow a small number of tomatoes and squash plants in their basement.

    "With little or no other evidence of any illegal activity, law enforcement officers make the assumption that shoppers at the store are potential marijuana growers, even though the stores are most commonly frequented by backyard gardeners who grow organically or start seedlings indoors," the couple's lawsuit says.

    The couple filed the suit this week under the Kansas Open Records Act after Johnson County and Leawood denied their initial records requests, with Leawood saying it had no relevant records. The Hartes say the public has an interest in knowing whether the sheriff's department's participation in the raids was "based on a well-founded belief of marijuana use and cultivation at the targeted addresses, or whether the raids primarily served a publicity purpose."

    "If this can happen to us and we are educated and have reasonable resources, how does somebody who maybe hasn't led a perfect life supposed to be free in this country?" Adlynn Harte said in an interview Friday.

    The suit filed in Johnson County District Court said the couple and their two children - a 7-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son - were "shocked and frightened" when deputies armed with assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests pounded on the door of their home around 7:30 a.m. last April 20.

    "It was just like on the cops TV shows," Robert Harte told The Associated Press. "It was like 'Zero Dark Thirty' ready to storm the compound."

    During the sweep, the court filing said, the Hartes were told they had been under surveillance for months, but the couple "know of no basis for conducting such surveillance nor do they believe such surveillance would have produced any facts supporting the issuance of a search warrant."

    Harte said he built the hydroponic garden with his son a couple of years ago. He said they didn't use the powerful light bulbs that are sometimes used to grow marijuana and that the family's electricity usage didn't change dramatically. Changes in utility usage can sometimes lead authorities to such operations.

    When law enforcement arrived, the family had just six plants - three tomato plants, one melon plant and two butternut squash plants - growing in the basement, Harte said.

    The suit also said deputies "made rude comments" and implied their son was using marijuana. A drug-sniffing dog was brought in to help, but deputies ultimately left after providing a receipt stating, "No items taken."

    Pilate said no one in the Harte family uses illegal drugs and no charges were filed. The lawsuit noted Adlynn Harte, who works for a financial planning firm, and Robert Harte, who cares for the couple's children, each were required to pass rigorous background checks for their previous jobs working for the CIA in Washington, D.C. Pilate said she couldn't provide any other details about their CIA employment.

    Pilate said any details gleaned from the open records suit could be used in a future federal civil rights lawsuit.

    "You can't go into people's homes and conduct searches without probable cause," Pilate said.

    Leawood City Administrator Scott Lambers said Friday that he couldn't comment on pending litigation. The sheriff's office also had no comment.

    "Obviously with an ongoing lawsuit we are not able to talk about any details of it until it's been played out in court," said Johnson County Deputy Tom Erickson.
  6. I'm not even high nor am I sketching out... yet. This is a logical fear that every grower must come to terms with, the pigs are taking their power to extreme levels to catch growers these days. 
  7. scare tactic bro :bongin:
    dont believe it :bongin:
    so much illegal shit going on in this country and the dea ging after ppl cuz they bought lights at a hydro store????nahhhh :bongin:
    dont believe everything u see in the news its all entertainment to me :bongin:
    Fuck em, Im legal and can provide current paperwork. They can suck on my big fat unit.
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    People who legally grow indoors aren't going to take any precautions to keep it a secret. Perhaps the officials saw the set up through a window and thought it was marijuana
    It's not going to be from searching forums or watching grow stores. It's too much work for very little gain, they wouldn't be allowed, it's wasting their time
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    Legal states dont give a fuck as long as you are not selling to undercover cops or close to a school. They cant be chasing down every fucker who buys a $40 light bulb.
    ya..thought this was the event that caused the thread...the law suit is costing that city, county, state, so much, they will never try to raid people based on a legal shop purchase again.
    none of this involved internet sales or DEA monitoring specific shops, was all local cops working above the law.
  12. "Changes in utility usage can sometimes lead authorities to such operations."
    Typical bullshit scare tactics. Changes in utility usage are not probable cause where I'm from. Supporting evidence for an ongoing investigation maybe, but not enough to initiate one. But they word it so that people who don't know any better make the assumption that the cops are checking everybody's power usage and watching the hydro shop like it's a mafia hangout.

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