Hearing Music While High.

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    Sometimes when I'm really high, my mind goes off thinking and decides to repeat some random thought and make it a song.
    While other times I'd be walking down the street and start thinking of some song and it would play in my head clearly (not like hearing it in headphones, just louder than it would be if I was sober thinking of the song). I hear the beat and all, sometimes substituting lyrics.
    Does this happen to you?

  2. Not sure about that but listen to trance and close your eyes.
  3. Sometimes while high I think in music. Like I'll turn the phrase "I have to go to the store" into a song lol. Obviously I don't do this out loud though.
  4. Don't want to live in a real life musical?! :p
  5. Lol I don't know if others would appreciate me turning everything into a musical.
  6. At least it would be comical. :D I've so done it with my kids, lol!
  7. Yes I also "think in music" when I'm high. I can also think of a song whilst blazed and almost listen to the song in my head.

    I was doing this yesterday actually. With this song. I love every detail of it and to me it's a perfect song. I'm old school though.

  8. Yea, that happens when I get high alone. A random song will start playing in my head and I'll start dancing. Then i'll go get my iPhone and actually listen to it.
  9. I find that I pay attention to the small details and background noises in a song moreso, when baked. Songs just sound more simple when sober. 
  10. Kinda happens to me. Ill hear a song when I'm sober and if I really like it, it'll come into my mind when I'm high and then I'm like "I wonder if its better high" and then I listen to it.
  11. Me too. I drive my boyfriend crazy doing that shit lol. I get very sing-songy when high. 
    and I agree with blazebrother I can hear "new" details of a song. Loves it. 
  12. You know Schumann had the same issue. He went mad from that. They had to institutionalize him!
    I have the same problem as you OP, only it's one line singing in my head over and over again. It goes like this: <span style="font-size:14px;">"Master of the house.. doling out the charm, ready with a handshake and an open palm. Tells a saucy talke, loves to make a stir everyone appreciates"</span>
    (Seinfeld reference, you might get it).

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