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Hearing Music And Theres No Music Playing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nipples, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Ok so occasionally when I smoke way too much, I hear electronic music In my head. It's all new stuff that I'm thinking of as it goes, but then it gets stuck in my head. I mean as in I can HEAR it all while I'm thinking of it, it's crazy!

    Do any of you guys ever hear music even though there's nothing playing?
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  2. sometimes when I have some real good shit i start feeling and hearing my pulse. Sometime that starts turning into an awesome beat and music.
    Its pretty crazy but def know im high as shit when it starts happening.
  3. Happens to me even when I'm sober. Think it's cuz I have skitzephrania.
    You may also.
  4. I used to be able to think of a song i knew and hear it perfectly in my head haha. It was wonderful like the best mp3 you can get. I'd be rockin out and noone else would know why.
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    Yes. I'm glad this question was asked because I've wondered it myself at times. I can create music within my head and also remix music I am listening to on the fly. It is pretty beautiful....
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  6. Weed is a mild auditory hallucinogenic. It happens to me every now and then. Never strong, just faint glimpses of music in my head leaking out to what seems like the real world briefly.
  7. Definitely doesn't happen to me when I'm sober. Only when i'm high, and only when i'm REALLY high at that, so nah I'm pretty sure i'm sane lol
  8. when i was 16 and worked at mcdonalds i used to constantly hear the sweetest sounding metal riffs in my head while i was standing around and eating nuggets. 
  9. Yasss! They are called auditory hallucinations. Here's more on it:
    I like this shit! 
  10. Really strange, after I smoked I would sometimes shower. Afterwards I'd get out and the fan or whatever would be on...I couldve swore I heard music everytime...
  11. I hear the Pokemon music, even even when I'm sober
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  12. Yeah I get these when I'm realllyyyyy baked, but not all the time. Haha I remember this one time at work I was really high and heard a song and I turned to my coworker and asked "What's the name of this song? It's awesome" to which they replied "Dude, they turned the music off 20 minutes ago"
    I do the same thing. I hear a hip-hop track or some dubstep and I can immediately think of ways to remix it and add different drum loops to it. love it.
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    Yeah that happens to me sometimes.  It can happen when I'm sober, but happens a lot more when I'm high, and even more on other substances
    I usually hear something like classical music or electronic stuff
  14. Voices??
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    ^ Loud thoughts/Voices.
  16. So my life revolves around music. I play it and listen to it everyday as a music tech major and I am essentally always surrounded by it and I have been forever. I would say that 24/7 I hear it in my head; whether it is original or a song that already exists then It is still there. Sometimes there is more than one song playing and they just blend.
  17. yeah fo sho thats happened. whats really crazy is i remember the first time i got really high i plugged my headphones in and had these crazy visuals like i was making up a music video in my head.
  18. It seems like there is a difference between hearing it in your head and hearing it like its really there in your ears too.  The latter usually only happens to me when I'm tripping

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