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hearing loss after smoking everytime ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Logieberra, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. it seems like my hearing is like half when I smoke is that normal?.. I really have to crank my music on my headphones to the point where I can feel my ear drums vibrating
  2. When I'm high my hearing feels more sensitive.
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  3. [quote name='"passthebilly"']When I'm high my hearing feels more sensitive.[/quote]

  4. weird I must be the odd one out... also jamming and gigging everyweek with my band at good volumes most likely does not help... paranoia tells me to get ear plugs now lol
  5. "This shit right here *****? This shit's called "deaf" *****!"
    "You mean I'm gonna hit it and die?"
    "Naw, not 'death' *****, 'deaf'! You hit this shit twice and you can't hear shit!"
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  6. If you also get weird things going on with your ear pressure you might have eustacian tube dysfunction turns out a fair amount of blades get it when they smoke, me being one of them until I switched to vaping.
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  7. thanks for the insight I was curious about getting a good vape anyways so this might be a sign... I love my music high but I really don't wanna damage my ears anymore then I already do:smoking:
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    Vapes are the answer to everything on GC lol

    Edit: Also OP I see the comment about practicing with the band, if you're playing with half stacks or even amps bigger that 125w that will probably do it lol.It might just be me but it seems like EVERY time that I have an aiglment when I get stoned I notice it, like the cannabis makes me hyper aware of my body and what is wrong if there's something wrong.
  9. lol that's because nearly all health problems with weed are due to the fact you are inhaling smoke.
  10. machine gunning on deployment fucked my hearing. but when i smoke it helps my good ear and makes my bad ear worse most of the time.
  11. man i thought i was the only one, this shit happens to me every single time. when i smoke it feels kinda like my ears are popped, but not really, and i can not hear well at all.

  12. That's definitely eustacian tube dysfunction you should definitely consider switching to a vape or edibles.
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  13. I am a 52 year old male and have smoked bud since I was 13 or 14 years old. I smoked it regularly until I was about 25 when I began growing it from seeds purchased in Holland (hey, good genetics were hard to come by back then). For the next ten years I smoked it heavily. Real heavily. At 35 I had a daughter and cut it out over the course of a few years until I only smoked a hit or two now and then; perhaps a couple times a week. On camping trips and day long kayaking adventures (25-30 miles) I smoked quite a bit but this was only a few times a year.

    About 5 years ago I woke up in the morning and asked my wife what the hell was outside of our house. It sounded kind of like a diesel truck idling just outside our bedroom window. She swore that it was as quiet as ever and there was nothing to be heard except for the birds chirping. I went outside to figure out what the hell it was and I think both of us thought the other was crazy. Outside I couldn't pinpoint the source, it seemed to come from everywhere.

    This went on for about a week. Over time I noticed I would hear the [non-existent] noise a day or two following a hit or two. It would last for 5 or so days and then go away. It was loud in the morning and diminished as the day wore on but still present by night only to be full bore on the next morning. As I put two and two together I began to keep track. Today, some 5 or so years later, I can say without a shadow of doubt that a couple small hits of really good bud is enough to cause serious noise / ringing in my ears for about 5 days straight. I've looked it up on line and have found others reporting the same phenomena; some even reporting it becoming permanent. For me, it was a minor inconvenience and I rolled with it (pun intended).

    So this brings me to today. As I type this I fear I may loose all or part of my hearing in my right ear. I had a little bud on Saturday, just a couple hits as I've become a lightweight in my older age and that's enough to get me as high as I enjoy... I do get really high quality buds. On Tuesday morning I woke up with the expected noise in my left ear but the noise in my right ear was terribly loud and I had lost almost all of my hearing in that ear. Being a life long allergy sufferer I blew it off as plugged up sinuses. By the end of the day however, it was no better. I looked it up on line and decided to see a doctor the next day. She, a general practitioner, said that my ear was free of any foreign object, free of any wax, fluid, or infection; and that the Tympanic Membrane looked normal and healthy. She told me I needed to see a specialist immediately because the condition could become permanent within 72 hours of onset. So the next morning I went to an ENT specialist. My herring was tested and I was examined. I was diagnosed with sudden neurological hearing loss due to vasculitis. Basically my white blood cells are attacking the artery and blood vessels supplying my inner ear. The specialist told my that within about 72 hours the damage becomes too sever for the body to heal and the condition becomes permanent. He added it was a good thing I acted so quickly and that I have a 50-60 percent chance of recovering my hearing. I was prescribed a massive regiment of steroids over the next 14 days.

    That was yesterday. Today most of the noise in that ear has subsided and I have recovered some of my hearing though it has a long way to go. I pray my hearing fully recovers. So did smoking that bud last Saturday cause this condition? I do not know and can not answer that question with any certainty. I can however say with full and utmost confidence that the noise I experienced in both ears that I spoke about at the beginning of this dialog was absolutely caused by smoking a little pot. I spent most of 5 years experimenting and the results were 100% consistent. So it is a fact that smoking bud caused a problem with my hearing that would last 5 or so days and it is a possibility that my current condition was caused by it. Suffering with this condition right now, I can tell you that I will not experiment to find out. The previous problem was always temporary, and severe only in the morning for a couple of hours during the 5 or so days it persisted. What I experienced on Tuesday left me unable to listen to music as it sounded squawky, hollow, echoey, distorted, and unpleasant almost to the point of pain - at any volume. Things like telephones were painful and I had trouble understanding speech even though I could hear it. I am a musician and love music. I value my hearing now more than ever. Trying a hit or two just to find out if that was the trigger is out of the question. It is simply not worth my hearing to find out or to get high; and I really enjoyed getting high occasionally. It saddens me and makes me a little angry but I will never smoke buds again. My hearing is too precious. Well, unless I get to live long enough to go completely deaf. Then what the hell right?

    I hope this helps answer someones questions who may be experiencing what I initially experienced, and perhaps saves them from going through what I am currently going through. I am not saying my current condition was caused by smoking a little pot but I am saying there is enough evidence to say it is a possibility. Perhaps even a good possibility. If I had known all that I have written before my current condition, I think I would have given it up a few years ago. If you are experience noise or ringing in your ears a day or two after smoking a little bud that lingers for several days you might want to give these words some thought.
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  14. I think smokers are more likely to have hearing loss. I experienced muffled sounds which was a temporary hearing loss. I took the treatment from hearing solutions, a clinic in Toronto and got cured. But one of my friends had a deleterious effect on his hearing which resulted in permanent hearing loss and he had to depend on basic hearing aids. Always be aware of these potential side effects that any cigarettes or drug you're taking can cause. Stay safe.
  15. While I commend your diligence and adherence to scientific study why in the hell did you keep doing it for that long? Brevity may not be your strong suit but you could have cut that experiment a little shorter..
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  16. I wouldn't assume that this is due to your marijuana usage. I would visit a doctor and ask them. You should disclose your smoking with your doctor in case it cause any problems with your health.

    How can you tell me this plant is not good for me?

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