Heard voices on weed - too high or schizophrenic?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ifouree, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. So this happened a while ago but it’s something I’ve randomly started worrying about now.

    I smoked salvia and had a 5 min giggly, uncomfortable trip. Idk if this is relevant however.

    A couple days later I smoked for the 5th time in my life. I rolled a sativa blunt.

    I got so high I could barely move, ended up getting intense colorful CEV and I heard high pitch music in my ears.

    Long story short, tried going to bed, randomly felt rush of bad vibes, then I literally thought “what if I start hearing voices?” Then 5 seconds later I heard a female voice say “follow me” or some shit can’t remember that echoed in my head.

    The rest of the high I felt uncomfortable, anxious, sound sounded staticky, and my eyes were playing tricks on me.

    I wasn’t out of touch with reality however. I knew I was just tripping on weed so I waited it out.

    Ended up going to sleep and for the next month I had a sleeping problem and I had bad anxiety for a bit but was fine.

    It’s been 9 months since and I’m completely fine now and have smoked maybe 150 times since and nothing has compared to what I endured that night.

    Pretty sure it was skunk weed.

    Do you guys think I’m okay tho because I thought about it and even tho I’m fine now what if I’m schizophrenic or some dhit because of wat happened?
  2. Are you male between 18 and 27?
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  3. If mental health problems are prevalent in your relatives, there is a slight possibility that marijuana can trigger or be a catalyst to dormant mental health issues in you as well. Though not always the case. You did mention that you had partaken in salvia.. which I’d be hesitant to speak about on here. But that has its own array of mental health precautions as it is a dissociative hallucinogen. My guess is, your body was still a lil walked out from that. You’ll be fine. Stick to tree if it happens again off of only weed. Go to the doc after stopping for six months. Mental health can not be evaluated until two to four months of no external substances.
  4. Weed is not particularly known for inducing auditory hallucinations. Something else you've mentioned here is.
    Not sure how the timing worked, but I'd lean towards that being in play rather than you having some kind of "trip" like this on weed...because the other thing is quite an unusual and prolific substance you can't take lightly.

    I would say given the amount of times you've smoked since without further incident, you more or less have your answer. Though if it happens again - maybe see someone about it.
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  5. Sounds like your mind playing tricks on you some sort of confusing dialouge that echos sounds like my brain permanently lol.
  6. You mentioned it was your fifth time smoking. Your tolerance was obviously pretty low at that point. Your stoney mind was probably just playing tricks on you
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  7. When I had low tolerance I used to hear things (real sounds) like a voicemail and it'd feel like it was in my head
  8. You're not allowed to talk about that other substance you here. I'd edit the post just to be safe.

    And I've never heard voices no matter how high I got but I have experienced closed eye visuals. They were like fireworks. Just the one time. Wish it happened more, it's kind of cool...
  9. Should be a subforum threads are moved to if they mention other substances rather than banning it..
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  10. Hell naw then you'd get Billys asking if they where going to die while on whatever drug all the time lol
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  11. It's for liability reasons...
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  12. Maybe you have a point but what do you tell this OP then? Take your question to the shroomery?
  13. Don't think we can talk about other drug forums here either lol

    OP should go get a medical evaluation to see if they have schizophrenia.. none of us can tell him what's going on with his head lol
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  14. Sorry I'm a newb :(
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  15. I'd say take it to a more relevant forum, yes. Many a place where a person can be more advised on other things, and resources/information with more specificity can be utilised...which would yield a quicker and potentially more experienced answer.
    I'm relatively sure that such "rules" really go upwards rather than down...I imagine talking about marijuana on an entheogen based forum wouldn't really be a problem...but who knows.

    I mean...I think our green friend already gets enough outside association, grouping it in with other substances anyway...I don't agree with that, so it's one rule I can kind of get behind.

    I think we can all pretty much give advice that mixing substances isn't always a good idea. Mixing and matching when you have little experience is not a good idea.

    If you need specific answers, hit up a specific forum. Makes sense to me, and we're actually doing better by the OP to suggest this.

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