heard a very odd claim about microbes on IG just now..

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  1. Was just scrolling thru some stuff and saw this comment from Mr kushman that just seemed strange...


    I'm sure there's someone that would disagree with this but now I'm really curious. He says, "a microbes a microbe"
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    He relies upon the ignorance of the unsuspecting/uninformed gardener in order to sell his "organic products". In fact, the whole cannabis industry does. It's like Great White "premium mycorrizae" (not his product, by the way).  It's marketed towards cannabis growers as a "mycorrhizal inoculant", but contains so few spores of the endomycorrhizal species symbiotic to cannabis as to make it practically worthless with regards to inoculating cannabis with said symbiotic mycorrhizae.  The other forms of microbes in the mix (in MUCH higher spore counts/concentrations) grow/reproduce more rapidly, and trichoderma in particular predate upon G. intraradices and G. mosseae (the mycorrhizae symbiotic to cannabis).
    Different microbes are responsible for cycling different nutrients, and they have differing ways of doing so.
    "A microbe's most certainly NOT a microbe"...
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  3. I agree with waktoo. But I will say this, a scam artist is a scam artist...
    "A village idiot is a village idiot"
  5. I wish BAS was at the forefront! These idiots need to fade away...

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  6. You know, I've been thinking about that statement, "a microbe's a microbe"...

    It lends credence to the fact that he knows next to nothing about biologically active soil systems, or organic gardening in general.

    Buy my bottles!  LOL!  :rolleyes: 
  7. 95% organic to boot!
  8. It seriously is about the most moronic thing I've seen you guys quote from him(microbe's a microbe).
    He is 100% charlatan.
    "What's a nematode anyway? When I walk through a forest I've never see one so what's the big deal?"
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    Something that I've been wondering about for quite some time...
    Even if bottled nutrients are "organic", isn't it still necessary to chelate them somehow, so that mineral ions don't precipitate into non soluble compounds whilst in said bottle?  Like with EDTA?
    In that sense, what makes his product ANY different than "chemical nutrients"?
    That smile of his just makes me want to knock his fucking teeth out...
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    You would be surprised how Big Orga has fooled wiser men into their Organic Bullshittery. This is just from the consumption side https://www.msu.edu/~howardp/organicindustry.html , the gardening side is even more intriguing the big names linked to the Orga <a>brand. https://www.msu.edu/~howardp/organicindustry.html</a>
  12. waktoo
    In this case what tripped Kyle up was his weird view that somehow mineral compounds can be or not be certified organic. Really, Kyle? You got this from your 'personal biologist' who put this Vegamatrix shit together? 
    This is one of the oldest moronic points made by the 'chems are the same thing' crowd having just finished their Basic Chemistry Block in their GED program over at the county home. I had the opportunity to help him out when we were on the Adam Dunn Show but I declined.
    Same with Duh Rev and his drivel on that show - another idiot about a taco short of a combo meal - I passed on the opportunity to address his strange mumblings about nutrient cycling - spikes, layers, twists, turns, smoke, mirrors, etc.
    How could these two people get so much wrong and still make money? These dimwits must have studied old videos from the televangelists in the 80's.
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    @ ProGMOII-

    We are NOT surprised. That's why we build our own soils and grow our own fruits, veg', and canna'.

    Don't get the industrialized commercial BS twisted with those that really know what the fuck they're doing...

    So golden tickets half golden goat eh?

    Man i want some. Would love to get a cut of pure golden goat :)
    When Congress was putting the NOP together in the waning months of the Clinton administration a big issue was what to do about the existing organic certification groups - Demeter, Oregon Tilth, Washington Tilth, CCOF, OTA, et al.
    The Repuba-Bubbas had their sites set on wiping Oregon Tilth off of the map even though the majority of the rules and regulations originally proposed came directly from OT's certification standards. A deal was brokered that allowed existing groups to continue without having to change a single rule or standard. That has come back to haunt them as USDA NOP became more and more controlled by PACs, politicians in general, agribusiness interests to where it's at today - a joke.
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    I share your disdain for "organic" charlatans, but would you care to address the content highlighted in blue in more detail?
    Chelation, whether it be chemically or biologically derived, is still something that I'm still trying to wrap my melon around...  :huh:
    I DO loves my some readin's...  :hello:
    Just not so adept at finding thems...  :mellow:
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  18. You can put lipstick on a pig...but it's still a pig.
    I think it's better if we are all on the forefront, by educating ourselves and each other, especially on how to gather, source and prepare local materials. 
  19. Obviously.. But having a one stop shop for rookies, Can't hurt. And in comparison to the asshat mentioned in the OP, BAS is the shit.

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