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Healthy Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highsenberg420, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. WARNING: The main focus of this "Essay" is at the last two paragraphs. So read those if you get tired of all my jibber jabber. Hello I am posting this in the "Seasoned Smokers" section even though I can't smoke. I have asthma and after three hospital trips I had to give up the ganja.... or did I?
    Well,I didn't. I sure as hell quit smoking though and occasionally, on poker nights or after drinking, I will partake by roasting one or ten with my buddies. I currently consume about an oz a week or so, to myself. But it is in the form of butter and cookies. Quite honestly, I am tired of eating it, its a different high, I am getting fat and I am too lazy to exercise enough to warrant eating a pound of butter every three days. In fact no one should eat that much butter.
    It is also a non-sociable high. I cannot "take a hit" with my buddies, and it often gives me such a couch status high where I am mentally alert but physically unable (unwilling) to move. This cannot continue with how much I want to consume. I am just about to try and ween myself down and eat it only twice a week hopefully, and hopefully less after. This means that tinctures are a possibility to, but I am a little hesitant to try any. I have a friend who knows his chemistry quite well, but a year or two ago I learned that ether and other chemicals are used in the process and residues are left over from the chemical of choice and often times the "solvent" is toxic and can lead to lesions and other health hazards. I am obviously not a big fan of those.
    Most of the products of "pure" THC, I received a high similar to that of eating it. And the ones that I have tried using solvents that pose no more harm to the body than alcohol, fail to yield a decent result. I need an alternative to smoking weed. I want to be healthy, but I want to be able to get blazed, not only because it is fun, but because it is also helps me physically and mentally.
    Since the day I started smoking I have not had my daily headaches, I have been more active socially and physically, and my personality has been slightly altered into a more positive, less arrogant, more cheerful, and better able to control negative habits. (I do not consider marijuana use negative in anyway as long as it does not interfere with the leading of a normal life and you are not in my situation where it could possibly be dangerous to your lungs) Point is, I do not want to have to say goodbye to my little green friend due to health reasons, but rather would say goodbye to either get a job (which I have one) or better myself in another way.
    So I need an alternative to eating and smoking. I have thought of possible injections of THC, but my lack of pharmaceutical knowledge and a laboratory The thing is I am not confident enough to buy a vaporizer. I know they are better for your lungs and I have tried several low quality ones, all of which ended up burning the bud anyways. I have never had a volcano and I want one. But I have never met anyone with a volcano and moderate to severe asthma. Nor have I read anything accurate about how it works from a M.D or a fellow suffer of asthma.
    I do not know what to do (I don't have a game plan as of yet) and I am hoping to find others with this problem (or similar) as well. That way we can collaborate our efforts to find a solution or create ourselves. Obviously I am not going to make this exclusive to people with this problem, I am open to all suggestions and maybe this could be the start of something that could revolutionize the world of weed as we know it!
  2. Paragraphs PLEASE
  3. Don't inject...

    Concentrates are the way to go. Qwiso or BHO, either are easy enough to make at home and if you make them with a sativa dominant strain you shouldn't get that insociable high.

    You can also cook bud into all kinds of things besides butter-based product. Maybe if you made it with less, or a sativa dominant you wouldn't get those negative effects?
  4. Paragraphs please? I don't know what you mean.
    I don't want to mess with honey oil so much the butane makes me hesitant for long term everyday use. I may give it a fifth chance though ha.
    And as for qwiso I only obtained the wanted effects by smoking it. What other alternatives do you suggest for consuming it?
  5. Well the butane shouldn't be in the final product, I guess making it could be scary but just make it all at once.

    qwiso is pretty healthy, doesn't have as much inert plant material as bud. I mean you could make it into an edible, or maybe even just eat it if you wanted to.
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    You should go on eBay and order a Da Buddha vaporizer. Its a quality vape and you can get it with a grinder for $165.00 on eBay. Believe me, it will be the best investment you will make for a long time if you love cannabis like I do. If I had to say what the two best vapes on the market are I would say Da Buddha and volcano. NEW 7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer - Free Grinder N Shipping | eBay
  7. Well I don't make qwiso or bho, I have before but I just leave that to my friends.
    Last time I literally inhaled kief (through my nose sadly) there was very little effect and I believe the effects were mental. I have also ingested plain mary jane and only in large quantities is it of any use. I am assuming qwiso would be somewhat similar if ingested. But I believe you are right I could cook with qwiso and then I wouldn't have the massive butter.
    And it is not the plant material that bothers me, it is smoke in general.

    Da bhudda? Do you own one? Just because one person over a forum tells me it is the second best does not make it so, no offense I appreciate any information and the fact that is only 165 is a huge plus!
  8. Ahh okay, well dabbing is great but if you don't feel that I agree with the vaporising comment. I see alot of people recommending the magic flight launch box, and I plan to get one too, but da buddha also has good reviews from other posters if you feel like searching it.
  9. I have done a bit of searching and everything I have read says good things about it, same with the volcano but everyone knows they are awesome. magic flight launch box huh? I am going to have to look at that as well. I have been visiting smoke shops since I was 18 constantly checking out whats new but every volcano has been so darned expensive.
  10. yea the mflb is portable, no bag or long tubes or anything. Battery operated too.
  11. After looking it up I realized one of my buddy has one. It still burns plant material. There are these things called vapor genies, but they have a learning curve, require a lighter, but do the job pretty well. But they have potential to burn the material as well.

  12. I really would not recommend the magic flight, I bought one and while I use it often, eventually the batteries go to crap and your tolerance goes up so you need to buy more batteries or a 60 dollar adapter. The volcano is 600 dollars (not worth it if your on a budget). One of my good friends owns Da Buddha and we use it all the time, gets me REALLY high and it never has any problems. Just do you research and check out the reviews.

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