Healthy tops/ drooping bottoms

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Texas toker, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. hey GC,

    So this has happened to me a couple times before and i dont know whats wrong. My plants are fairly young (around 4 weeks) and have 5 sets of leaves out now. The top 2 sets as well as the newest set coming out are perfectly healthy, however the bottom original couple of sets are starting to droop and thier edges ar curling up slightly...So it kinda looks like a palm tree, at least the healthiest parts. It seems as it adds sets, only the top few will stay nice and healthy :(

    Is this a lighting problem?
    or nutrients?

    They are under 6000-8000 Lumens CFL's total/temps 70-80/soil Potting with trace ferts NPK=.2/.15/.15.

    and they have only ever had water, no added ferts.

    any ideas? srry no pix, i only have an iphone

    Thanks GC
  2. Its feeding time !!!

  3. Wow, and i would have guessed they were burning somehow, but i trust GC :)

    anyone else have an imput just in case? i dont want to go burn them to death with nutes if thats somehow not the issue.
  4. Ya feeding time...but what type of soil is that ???

  5. Its Baccto, the brand name on the soil. It was the least pre-fertilized potting soil i could find from 3 different gardening places.

    And thanks a ton because that seemed to be part of the problem. I also relized that i was probly watering to often, causing them to droop some, and thinking ferts were to blame.

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