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  1. So we all get the munchies, and that can be bad if you smoke every day. What are some healthy stuff you guys eat when you get the munchies. Or not so healthy. Doesnt matter. I've found that I like making a salad with ranch dressing and croutons.
  2. i eat poptarts a lot lol, they have a lot of calories but not much fat so they go right through your system and you dont gain that much weight.

    i dont have a problem with weight at all, if anything i need to put on weight. when im smoking weed everyday im at a good weight. I havent smoked weed for a week though and ive lost 5 pounds and im under the weight i want to be, it sucks.
  3. I just have a faster then average metabolism... I wish i could gain weight.. I eat whatever but i am very active everyday
  4. Sometimes I make a really big salad, or eat frozen carrot sticks orrr bagel chips!
  5. bostom market is the way to go :) trust me on this one half a chicken for like 10 bucks with two or three sides(cannot remember) trust me it's healthy and worth it:D
  6. thats a really good one

    i eat cereal and poptarts all the time while high

    and graham crackers, fruit.

    but pizza, fried chicken, chicken wings and steak are the best tasting things with the munchies, just not too healthy
  7. kind of off topic, but the other day I had jimmy john's just hungry as hell. And i got the GARGANTUAN!!! that sandwich was soooooo good. munchie top 2 for sure, haha. but for healthy stuff, I was raving over the turkey and lettuce for some reason it was the best part. I ate every little drop of lettuce, even the scraps that fell on my lap/table/seat.
  8. I grill some chicken breast seasoned with garlic and parsley. It's quick, easy, and always hits the spot.

    ...or i eat white rice with teriyaki sauce.

    or mcdonalds.
  9. Surprisingly, I have the will power to stay on a good diet whenever I'm smoking alone and get the munchies ...

    I lift weights 5x a week, so a good diet is almost necessary for success... thank goodness I'm bulking though, I eat a whole bunch of clean food way over my caloric maintenance
  10. haha mcdonalds always hits the spot.

    i went into mcdonalds the other day while stoned out of my mind and ordered a mcflurry and a chicken selects. then i look at my wallet and i forget that i spent all my money on weed earlier in the day

    but the lady was nice and gave it to me for free anyways
  11. scrambled eggs with TONS of cheese and bacon and sausage. And hashbrown. Actually just go to Waffle House.

  12. I went and ordered 4 double cheeseburgers.
    Forgot my money.
    Got it for free.
    Ate it all.
  13. slice up an apple real into real thin slices, throw some cinnamon on that shit, and stick it in the oven till it's crisp and you got cinnamon apple chips.
  14. pb and j
    oo and chiken sandwiches from carls jr mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    but for healthy
    kut up apples
    sumtimes caramek
    carrots and ranch mm
  15. Syntha 6 protein shake...

  16. Then just add butter and sugar and you just gave me the best idea (I'm far from overweight. Instant apple crisp! I'll be back:smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    and it's good sober too!

    but if you really want healthy....deep-fried hotdog.

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  18. holy shit, lol, a deep fried hotdog???
  19. Grapes, they have such an awesome texture

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