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healthy seedlings?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kanadiankush, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to throw up some pics of my seedlings to get some feedback on their health...
    Their leafs look nice and green and they get bigger every time i check on them, their stem/stalk on the other hand hasn't got any thicker or stronger.
    Keep in mind i put them in soil on tuesday, and they have been under 24h of light, a total of 186 watts.

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  2. Got alot of stretch on them babies, if you're using cfl's you want the lights within 2-3 inches. Make sure to get a fan on them too.
  3. Oh and i'm also curious how often i should be watering them... i have been testing how dry the soil is by sticking my finger in it to the 1st knuckle. I watered them wednesday night and i would say i can still feel slight dampness a half inch into the soil... does this mean the roots just havent developed enough to suck up all the water yet?
  4. i'd say there about 4 inches from the lights now, i'll try and set something up where i can get them closer....
  5. That depends.. with cfl's it can be a little difficult considering they don't have the heat of an HID. You gotta be careful not to disturb the roots..

    Your plants are still small, they have small roots, your plants are stretched.. multiple things to consider. I would leave them in there til there stable then transplant to a bigger/deeper container and bury part of the stem.

  6. closer the better... I keep mine within probably 2 at the most
  7. Word thanks for your help green man, another seedling just finished germinating too. It's about 2-2.5 cm out the dirt whereas the two i showed you were like 4 cm, which scenario it better in your opinion? i'll be needing to switch up my setup anyways to incorporate the new plant so i'll try and get my cfl's as close as 2 inches.
  8. No problem man..

    do you let the tap roots germinate fully before putting them in soil or let the tap root pop and put in the soil?

    yeah thats better.
  9. For the 1st two they had germinated fully i think, the taproot was at least two cm probably three... it only took two days i was pretty surprised. The latest seed was probably under a cm, i wanted to compare the difference.

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