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  1. Hey guys. I started vegging some moby dick seeds and they started stretching for light. I decided to lst'ing them early. Tell me if you think this is a healthy plant. All input in appreciated! Thanks.

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    Stretcheddd!! I Also pinched off the first set of stems on each plant so far. So it's not as stretched as it looks in the pictures.

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  3. Anybody out there??
  4. Helllllllllloooooooo
  5. She looks healthy. Go grab a straw from Mickey D's and cut it to the length of the seedling stem. Cut.that piece lengthwise and put around the seedling. This will give her support til she can stand strong or be transplanted and buried further down. Hope this helps
  6. The way you have her will work great. The above option is a great one if u don't wish to train ATM.
  7. looks pretty good man stretchy but you addressed that, looks like some white powdery mildew on the leaves?
  8. Don't freak the Guy out lol. I see zero indication of pm. Are u referring to the specs on the one fan? If so I'd venture to say that's stipling (bug bites) if anything.
  9. Ya that may be it you're right, I don't mean to freak anyone out, I'm really anal with my plants and a single spec of dust freaks me out lol
  10. Can't blame ya there lol. I'm the same way. And I'm not saying ur wrong by any measure but if I were a betting man I'd put money on stipling before pm. Either way she's alive and green to boot. Soon s the cotyledons drop I'd hit it with neem oil if the marks continue developing. But eitherway she looks happy but stretched.
    Op-what kinda lights and how far from the bulb are u?
  11. Hey guys Thanks for responding! So aside from the stretching there are little specs Ya. I think it may be from the gnat flies I noticed the other day. My buddy's got this eCo green friendly pest killer shit He just sprayed over the soil and they were gone and the ladies were all good. I'm just about to harvest my vanilla kush and they had Those first the whole vegging stage. Could it be Because I'm using fluorescents? And my plant for the 4 girls I have now are to keep vegging them all the way around the pot till she reaches the other side. Transplant into 5+ gallon buckets then really rope them Down. I'll be running Those 4 under a 1000w hps. Greenhouse seeds claims up too 800g/M2 Hahaha well see what I can pull off! The strain is moby dick. I think I have a bit of a green thumb so let's hope high
  12. Ahhhh that would make sense then. I was really hoping it wasn't PM at all for your sake and your lungs! I would almost chop that lady and use the main top as a cutting. Save yourself some time for sure.
  13. What do you mean chop the top? Clone it or top the plant? I'm kinda lost
  14. Sorry chop the lady**
  15. Like use your top as a clone is what I meant bury the stem and throw more light on her that way it will grow much quicker then a seed because your top looks really good.

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