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  1. This is my second grow and my first wasn't great so I was wondering if you guys think that my female plant is healthy. I have no idea what kind of strain tho I wish I did but this is my 3rd and a half week of flowering. Also wondering if you any of you could give me a rough estimate on the yeild. Thanks, Jeff

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  2. Looks great and enjoy
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  4. Looks healthy but yield estimate is... impossible. Too many factors.

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  5. Alright, thank you all I appreciate it.
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  6. Your plant looks nice and healthy. But you could increase your yield by putting some lighting down under or to the side of the canopy on that thing to help develop some of the lower buds where you have so much shading. That foil you've got in there isn't helping you any either. I know why you put it there, reflectivity, but foil just doesn't work like that. You would've been better off painting the inside with a clean white paint as it would offer more reflectivity than the foil. But you've done well with your plant. Always remember that the size and density of your buds is directly proportional to how much flowering light your plant gets. More light equal more bud. Good luck! TWW
  7. It looks nice, but it also looks like you are feeding it veg nutrients and not flowering nutrients. And just you understand... I am only saying that because it looks like your plant is getting a very high dose of nitrogen. And NO, there is nothing wrong with that, but I have found less nitrogen during flowering creates bigger buds.
  8. Yeah, all I could get was miricle grow with nitrogen already in it I know it's not the best but it's the best I could do. Is there anyway to reduce the amount of nitrogen in the soil for the last couple weeks of flowering


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